Would you take your child with #Autism to a funeral? 7 things to think about

I know this will sound like a weird question but Would you take your child with #Autism to a funeral? 

The reason I’m asking, is because it’s one question that I’m commonly asked, and I thought it was important enough to discuss. There isn’t an easy answer to this question, but I do have a few thoughts. 

Read This  Here's a real quick update

We’ve not been in this situation for a long time, but when Gavin was little, there were several deaths in the family and we chose not to take Gavin to the funeral. 

That wasn’t an easy decision, but after speaking with his mental health professionals, it was deemed to be not in his best interest to go. At that point, Gavin was roughly five or six years old I believe, and not emotionally equipped to deal with the intensity of all the emotion that he would experience. 

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    I didn’t know Jacob had HFA when he was a kid. We found out after he turned 19. A year or so later, my favorite nephew died at the age of 29. He came with us as we were still processing what him having autism meant. Turns out, Jacob decided to speak in front of everyone at the funeral. Bob and I were worried but he turned out to have really good thoughts.

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