Question of the Day: Does your child with #Autism struggle with Sensory issues? 

This is a very simple question but the answers can be anything but simple. 

When a child is diagnosed with Autism, there are often comorbid diagnoses that go along with it. Some are noted right away and others creep up over time. 

One of the most common comorbid diagnoses is Sensory Processing Disorder. 

Sensory processing disorder is a condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses. … Some people with sensory processing disorder are oversensitive to things in their environment. Common sounds may be painful or overwhelming.     

                                                                                           – WebMD

Does your child with Autism struggle with Sensory Processing Disorder? If so, how does it impact their life? How does it impact your life as a parent? 

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Please share your experience in the comments box below, and pass this along so as many people can answer as possible. ☺ 


  1. I have 2 boys with Autism and they both have sensory issues, but processes them very differently. One can’t handle the dark the other can’t handle to much light. One wants things loud while the other can’t handle the noise. It’s a constant struggle.

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