Why it’s so hard to keep my kids with #Autism and #SPD fed

This issomething I’ve been meaning to talk about but haven’t gotten around to it. I know many of you parenting kids with Autism and or sensory processing disorder will be able to relate to this. 

I’m talking about how difficult it can be to feed my kids. 

This is one of those things that unless you’re experiencing it, it’s extremely difficult to wrap your head around because instinct tells us that if the child is really hungry, they’ll eat.Read More

You Might Be An Autism Parent If This Post Makes Total Sense 

I got everything I needed to get done this morning, done. That’s pretty awesome.

That being said, it’s one of those days where I am just so beat, I ended up having to take a nap. It may seem like taking a nap is more of a choice and I guess in a way it is but for an Autism parent like myself, it’s not that simple.… Read More

Why being an #Autism parent is so overwhelming and stressful

Over the many years that I’ve been writing about our Autism journey, I’ve tried very hard to help people understand the very basics of how Autism can impact a family.

Unfortunately, that effort hasn’t always been successful.

When the people in your life don’t understand, it only serves to make life that much harder. Autism Parenting is so incredibly overwhelming and feeling like people don’t get it or worse, they judge you, makes things so much more difficult.… Read More

For the love of our little meltdown makers

Meltdowns are absolutely overwhelmingly for everyone involved.  Unfortunately, they’re an all too common occurrence when you’re raising kids on the Autism Spectrum. 

Meltdowns are not a disciplinary issue. The person having a meltdown is physically in distress, usually as a result of sensory overload. With limited ability to physically cope or having simply reached the threshold of what they can take, the body purges.… Read More

When you live at the mercy of your child’s ability to cope with their surroundings

Even after more than a decade of Autism and Special needs parenting, I still struggle with many of the same things that Autism parents just starting their journey are dealing with.

It’s easy to assume that the above statement is referring to behavioral issues with my kids but that would not be accurate.  Sure, my kids are still challenging and yes, it does get frustrating but that’s not really what makes life so difficult. 

One of the biggest challenges that I personally face is a general lack of understanding from the people around me. 

Just so we’re clear and none of my family reads into this, a lack of understanding isn’t necessarily the result of a lack of trying on anyones part.  It’s simply the reality of life as an Autism parent. 

It’s so difficult to convey the reasons we tend to avoid many of the get togethers that pop up throughout the year, especially the ones with lots of people or that take place out of town.  It’s not that we don’t want to be there, although truthfully, in some cases we’re just too tired to go anywhere. 

When you’re living at the mercy of your child’s ability to cope with their surroundings, you tend to learn those limits pretty quick.  It’s a matter of survival.… Read More

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