Why it’s so hard to keep my kids with #Autism and #SPD fed

This issomething I've been meaning to talk about but haven't gotten around to it. I know many of you parenting kids with Autism and or sensory processing disorder will be able to relate to this.  I'm talking about how difficult it can be to feed my kids.  This is one of those things that unless you're experiencing it, it's extremely difficult to wrap your head around because instinct tells us that if the child is really hungry, they'll eat. In more typical cases, that may apply but in cases of Autism and SPD, this does not apply.  When it comes to my family, there are numerous reasons why feeding my kids is very difficult to do.  These reasons are all intertwined, tangled and knotted up together. It's very challenging to…


You Might Be An Autism Parent If This Post Makes Total Sense 

I got everything I needed to get done this morning, done. That's pretty awesome. That being said, it's one of those days where I am just so beat, I ended up having to take a nap. It may seem like taking a nap is more of a choice and I guess in a way it is but for an Autism parent like myself, it's not that simple. I had reached a point where I was simply no longer going to be able to function. It's hard to understand and I don't mean any offense to regular parents out there because all parenting is tough. So often, Autism parents are tasked with having to function on levels that regular parents rarely or ever even have to and we do so with…


Hey sleep deprived #Autism Parents, what would you do in this situation? 

Please stop by my blog and add your thoughts to the comments. I'm hoping to learn from how you handle situations in your life. I'd also like posts like this to be a reference for families, so they can point people in their lives who don't understand, to a post like this and they can see how many other families are facing the same challenges... Maybe it will help friends and loved ones to finally "get it"