It’s been a really, really long day

It's been a long day here in The Autism Dad household. We had Gavin to the Cleveland Clinic, and he ended having a surprise EEG. His doctor is concerned about his level of confusion, and I guess this will provide him with some insight. Gavin did great, but we won't have the results back for a little while. His lab work is trickling in though, and there are some abnormalities, but it doesn't look to be anything crazy serious. I'm sure if there's a problem, they'll let us know. The rest of the day was pretty standard. I'm heading to bed because I'm exhausted and Emmett has his Martial Arts tournament in the morning. It's about 45 minutes away, and it's going to blast most of the day. Emmett is…


Unexpected testing at the @ClevelandClinic for Gavin

Alright. We made it to the Cleveland Clinic right on time this morning. Traffic was very cooperative, and that always makes things a bit easier. Gavin's appointment went pretty well but based on what we see at home in regards to confusion; his neurologist got him in for an EEG right away. We need to know if something is wrong, but it's also a convenience thing as well. We're already here, and if they can get us in, it saves a return trip. It also gets the results to his doctor right away. Gavin just went back, and we have about 90 minutes to sit here and wait. Hopefully, everything will be normal or at least typical for him. I'm exhausted and starving, but it's going to be a little…

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His EEG is done and Gavin is in good spirits

Gavin's appointment with the Adult Epilepsy Central at the Cleveland Clinic went as well as could be expected. His EEG went fine physically but we won't have any results back until later this week. They did seem to take note of abnormalities but there was nothing I could pick up on for sure. If this has been an EKG, I'd be all over it but I can't read EEG's. Gavin was really cooperative and made lots of awkward attempts to engage the techs in conversation. 😁 I think they really enjoyed working with him because Gavin was so polite and courteous the entire time. EEG's are not comfortable, especially for someone on the Autism Spectrum, dealing with several Sensory Processing Disorder. I was told to call back if I haven't…


We made it to the Adult #Epilepsy Center at the @ClevelandClinic

We finally made it to the Adult Epilepsy Center at the Cleveland Clinic. Traffic sucked and the weather got worse the farther north we went. Gavin didn't have any problems on the way up, he just chilled in the back seat listening to music the whole way up. Not only did we make it but we made it a few minutes early. ☺ Gavin's feeling okay and that will make today that much easier. We have a lot of walking to do and if he wasn't doing well, the walk would be too much for him. We are currently waiting to go back for his EEG. Praying everything goes smoothly.