We are getting unburied today

As we're on lockdown, the bulk of our suoies are being drop shipped and because of that, we've become buried in boxes. I guess I hadn't really been paying much attention to that but for whatever reason, I did today. I decided to break everything down and store them because we may need to use them at some point. I was pleasantly surprised when all the kids, including Gavin, began to help me without having to be asked. It's not that my kids can't be helpful, especially Gavin. It's just that it sometimes requires the pulling of teeth. To be fair, Gavin's always super helpful. Anyway, the point is, everyone helped and I'm profoundly grateful for that. I'm really overwhelmed and little things like this mean a great deal. ☺


Keeping my #immunocompromised son safe from #COVID19 isn’t easy

We survived the day and I feel pretty good about that. I was able to get the boys school work to and from the school this morning and had my video conference with Gavin's doctor. The morning went off without a hitch. As far as updates are concerned, the only major one is what we decided to do with Gavin's meds. Basically, the conversation with his doctor revolved around how to handle Gavin's Clozapine, while we're on total lockdown, inside the COVID19 pandemic. Clozapine is used to treat Schizophrenia and it works well. It's also among the most tightly controlled medications in the United States, requiring blood work before every refill. The concern is that in order to maintain the medication, I would have to take Gavin to have his…


I’m quickly running out of shits to give

I'm not going to sugar coat this folks. I'm really struggling right now. We've been on lockdown since March 6th, when Elliott got sick and was diagnosed with Influenza B. That just sorta rolled into the COVID19 lockdown and we're only just beginning this journey. The boys are on edge and I'm not sure how to really help them with that, aside from keeping them distracted and that's proving to be a challenge. In front of the kids, I'm a rock, but not so deep down inside, I'm freaking the fuck out. I'm sure that the kids have picked up on that to some extent but I go to exhaustive lengths to hide that from them. It's well, pretty damn exhausting. I'm trying to balance a million different things right…