Major news on the Gavin front tonight

We’ve officially made the jump back to 800mg / day of Clozapine. This was something that had to be done in order to treat the schizophrenic symptoms he’s experiencing. 

It’s only been about 48 hours so far but there hasn’t been any negative symptoms or side effects that we’ve noticed.… Read More

A really important Gavin update

With all the new concern over Gavin’s platelets, I’ve been really distracted and need to get everyone caught up. 

There are two things we need to talk about. The first is the latest lab results for Gavin and the second is a different approach we’re taking with the Clozapine. 

Gavin had his bloodwork done last Thursday instead of Friday because I wanted to get the results before the weekend.… Read More

Gavin’s doing better and worse. Let me explain. 

Since Gavin’s Clozapine dose was reduced back down to 600mg per day last week, we’ve noticed some changes but frankly, it’s really difficult to know what is what. 

In some ways, Gavin’s doing better and others he’s doing worse. 

While on the 800mg per day, it appeared that he was less involved with his gang of super best friends.… Read More

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