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Gavin got really sick tonight

We had some moments today but overall, I feel like we had a good day. I wasn’t feeling quite as overwhemled as I have been and I was able to get some groceries delivered this afternoon. I feel very lucky to have had that all work out today. Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends. …

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I’m seeing behavioral changes and some are concerning

I wanted to devote an entire post to talking about how Gavin’s doing. I haven’t really updated in a little while because it’s been pretty much status quo. That’s not a bad thing but unfortunately, it can’t last forever. Gavin is officially off the Clozapine and seems to be withdraw free. That’s a very good …

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The Line Between Preparedness and Paranoia (S3E11)

In this episode, I update you on a major decision I had to make in order to keep my immunocompromised son safe during the COVID19 pandemic. Very few things are simple with it comes to Special Needs parenting and I share the thought process that goes into making potentially life-altering decisions for my kids. I …

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Keeping my #immunocompromised son safe from #COVID19 isn’t easy

We survived the day and I feel pretty good about that. I was able to get the boys school work to and from the school this morning and had my video conference with Gavin’s doctor. The morning went off without a hitch. As far as updates are concerned, the only major one is what we …

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A super quick but important Clozapine update

A quick follow up on the status of Gavin’s Clozapine prescription. I had mentioned last week that we were trying to get his Clozapine script approved for a 14 day supply at a time. Gavin’s numbers have been stable for the last 6 months and he’s eligible to move to the new script. We just …

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There’s yet another snag in getting Gavin’s meds refilled and I’m seriously frustrated

Gavin had his blood work done first thing Monday morning. The lab has had almost four days to run them and fax the results to the pharmacy. They have yet to do so. Mind you, this is a stat order meaning it’s a priority and should be completed the same morning. Unfortunately, getting the lab …

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