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Gavin’s appointment went well

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Gavin’s psychiatric appointment went great this morning. Nothing changed and we’re going to continue pushing ahead with his current dose of Clozapine, at 300mg/day. There is little evidence that increasing the dose will produce a more positive outcome. In fact, we have a ton of evidence to the contrary. Gavin… Read more »

This is a f*cking nightmare every week

It’s Sunday, and we still have not been able to get Gavin’s Clozapine refill. He has his bloodwork done every Wednesday morning, but the pharmacy either doesn’t check for the labs, or they aren’t sent to them in the first place. We end up waiting and waiting for the refill… Read more »

Code Z

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Another day, another psychotic episode. Last night, Gavin came running into the living room and was visibly upset. He began nervously pacing back and forth before blurting out code z. I wasn’t paying close attention to what he was saying because he’s psychotic and saying all kinds of crazy things…. Read more »

It’s heartbreaking and a bit scary

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The boys had a great day at school today, and in the way home, we stopped to visit my grandmother. We had a short visit before returning home blah blah blah. Not to downplay the significance of the above paragraph but what I want to focus on tonight is what… Read more »

The hallucinations may be getting worse

Gavin’s becoming more and more involved in his imaginary worlds. I don’t know if he’s having more hallucinations or if he’s more vocal about them. We don’t know what’s what right now. He’s officially off the Clozapine, and the half-life is pretty short, so it’s moving its way out of… Read more »

A very difficult but necessary decision

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Lizze and I have come to a very difficult but necessary decision over the weekend. In the morning, Gavin sees his psychiatrist. When we see him, Lizze and I are going to discuss pulling Gavin off of Clozapine. Why in the world would we want to take our Autistic and… Read more »

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