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#Depression is bad but I can’t give up

I have a confessions to make. Since our trip to Florida at the beginning of October, my fitness and weight-loss efforts have been out of sync. Prior to our trip, I was doing pretty well. It wasn’t easy, and I still struggled sometimes, but I was moving in the right direction. While we were gone, …

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Why don’t we talk about #Depression?

There’s so many things that we as a society talk about all the time. I can’t turn on the TV or radio without being inundated with information. Every day, I hear people talk about the latest scandal in the White House, missiles in North Korea, what celebrity’s marriage is falling apart or even debating the …

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I’m not sure how I’m doing in regards to my Depression and here’s why

I wanted to put out a brief update on how my tumultuous relationship with Depression is going.  In case you’ve not read any of my past posts on depression, I’ll sum it up for you. Depression fucking sucks and unless you’re living with it, comprehending it’s impact in a truly meaningful way, is not easy.  …

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I’m in a relationship with depression and it f@cking sucks

If you’re new to the neighborhood, you might be interested to know that I like to speak very openly about mental health. I’m a firm believer in the there’s nothing to be ashamed of approach.  Over the years I’ve spoken very candidly about our Autism journey and every other thing that we’ve found in our …

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The 3 MAJOR things that have contributed to my depression 

It’s been a really, really long day for me and I apologize for not getting to this sooner. I wanted to update you on how my first solo therapy appointment went today.  I have been managing my depression pretty well for most of my life. I take my meds and talked to our longtime family …

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I made a very big decision in regards to my #depression

This will be a super quick post but important nonetheless. I’ve been very open about my struggles with depression. I’m not ashamed and I truly hope doing so helps at least one other person to open up about their struggle with depression. I made a major decision about how I’m managing my depression. Some of …

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We NEED to talk about #Depression for a minute

My war with Depression began twenty-five years ago when I was in my teens.

I had experienced trauma that sorta changed the way I viewed the world. Since that time, I’ve fought many battles against my Depression. Some of those battles were won, and some were lost, but the war rages on, even today.

How #Depression impacts my life

Depression has been a constant companion of mine since I was a teenager. I’ve spoken very openly about this war I’m waging, and I’m going to try and provide you with some further insight. I’ve always referred to my struggles with Depression as a war because depression is a life long struggle, consisting of many battles. Some …

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