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It’s frustrating and heartbreaking to see Gavin go through this

As parents to special needs children, we experience many challenges and joys. Unfortunately, we also know far more than our fair share of heartbreak as well. This is one such time for my family

A major update about my overall physical and emotional health (part 2)

I mentioned in the previous post, that some changes are being made to my treatment plan and I wanted to explain because I feel it’s really important that we speak openly about things like Depression, as there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

A frustrating update about my war on #depression

Here’s an update about my war on #depression

My name is Rob Gorski and this is how #depression impacts my life

This is my story about how depression impacts every single day of my life. Please help me share this so that we can quash the stigma and help others to feel comfortable enough to speak up, speak out and get help.

Update on my new antidepressant medication

Depression is frustrating enough without having to struggle to find a working medication. Here’s an update on my story.

As a single Dad, I find no shame in needing help

I meant to share this prior to now but with the boys being sick, it got pushed to the back burner.  If you recall, I spoke about needing additional help with my depression and that finding a decent psychiatrist in my area is proving to be next to impossible.  I spoke with my PCP on …

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A couple of general medical updates

Here’s part two of the general updates. This one focuses on medication related things.

Depression: Life after Wellbutrine has been discontinued

This day 3 of not taking Wellbutrine and this is what I’ve found