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Did you know Santa can use the @vivinthome cameras to ensure not a creature is stirring?

I wanted to take a second and share something that might benefit some of my fellow Vivint Smart Home users. Frankly, this would apply to any smart camera system but I’ve only experienced that with Vivint Home and that’s why I’m focused on that. When it comes time to ensure… Read more »

Keeping an eye on Gavin because he’s not doing well tonight

Gavin isn’t doing so well this evening. Everything was fine until an hour after he went to bed. He came downstairs in a lot of pain, feeling nauseated and convinced he was going to throw up. We told him if he thinks he needs to puke, he needs to be… Read more »

(Giveaway) Win a Nokia Steel and Body+ Wi-Fi Smart Scale from my friends at @NokiaHealth

I’m really excited to announce a special giveaway, sponsored by my awesome friends at Nokia Health. Nokia Health is the creator of amazing health care products that help people better manage and improve their health. I’ve been using their products to help monitor and manage the health issues my kids… Read more »

@VivintGivesBack can help keep your child with #Autism safe

Wandering has reached epidemic proportions within the Autism community, as more than 50% of kids with Autism will wander away from a place of safety. Unfortunately, many of these episodes of elopement will not end well. It’s a heartbreaking and terrifying thing for Autism parents to have to worry about… Read more »

Things I’m doing to be ready for @VivintHome tomorrow

We’ve made some good progress on the house. We still have a ways to go but we should be ready in time for Vivint to arrive for our appointment tomorrow. There are a few things that we need to make sure are done, prior to the techs arrival. The biggest… Read more »

@VivintHome is helping us prepare for my son’s Wish Trip

With my family scheduled to leave at the end of the month in order to have Gavin’s wish of seeing Legoland granted, there are many things we must to do to prepare. There’s the planning for the physical trip, the drive time, stops for food and bathroom breaks. We have… Read more »

(Poll) Can you sleep at night if your child with #Autism isn’t? 

This is a question I get asked all the time by my readers. Here’s a bit of background first. I have three kids with Autism, and two of them can struggle with sleep issues. When they wake up at night or aren’t able to fall asleep in the first place,… Read more »