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Thank God for mornings like this

Yesterday was a tough day for me on many levels. I experienced intense feelings of fear, panic, disbelief, frustration, exhaustion, anger, resentment and lots of guilt.  The long day turned into a long night because Elliott woke up in pain and I’m pretty sure it was the result of the way he was sleeping.  He …

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I have awesome news you’ll want to read

It’s been a long day but there’s been some positive things that have occurred and I’m happy to share them with all of you.  For starters, Emmett went to school without much hassle. He ended up having to wear in flip flops in weather that’s far too cold but he went to school. We packed …

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Guess who fell asleep in their own bed tonight

Much of the news tonight is of a very positive nature, and that feels awesome.  We ended our night by discovering that Mr. Emmett had fallen asleep in his own bed for the first time in I don’t know how long.  This is huge for us because it’s been a struggle.   I realize it’s …

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Good News :) 

Gavin seems to be doing a little better now.  The meds have kicked in and he’s moving around without wanting to puke his guts out.  This is good news, as the title to this post states.   I’m making him take it easy for now because I don’t want him to over do it and …

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Here’s the good news

There’s many times that what I have to share is a good news/bad news kinda thing.  Today is no different I figured I’d start with the good news first and save the bad news for later because why not.  Gavin and I made a run to the grocery store yesterday afternoon.  We ended up going …

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I think it’s finally over

It’s been a really, really long weekend but I think we are finally able to put it behind us….

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