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I’m feeling totally blessed today

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It’s been a good day so far. Gavin’s doing him best to drive me crazy with his incessant talking but I’m hanging in there. lol The boys are having a pretty good day as well. School went well and Elliott’s excited because his class is going to see a movie… Read more »

Awesome News

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We received confirmation that everything will be up and running, if not now, in short order. Legoland is the main thing Gavin wished for and I was worried that might prove to be a problem. The only place I don’t know about for sure is Kennedy Space Center. It would… Read more »

It really has been positive 

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It’s really been a positive day. My writings been on hold but I’m working on that. I felt amazing after walking this morning. I didn’t plan on taking a nap today but Gavin went for his nap and I decided to take a power nap before having to get the… Read more »

I received some really awesome news tonight

I wanted to share some really amazing news. If you recall, I submitted my very first article to a company that hired me to write. This was basically a trial run and if all goes well, this could lead to more articles.  This is a big deal because this is… Read more »

I have good news and bad news tonight

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Today has been one of those days were it’s truly been a mix bag. We’ve been blessed with some really positive events today. At the same time, there’s some bad news as well. I think that’s how life sorta balances everything out.  In fairness though, life has a pretty shitty… Read more »

Here’s some GOOD NEWS

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While yesterday was a trying day, there was some really awesome news. We got our car back from the shop. My brother was able to get the ignition removed and replaced but it wasn’t easy. The new ignition works like a charm and I’m so grateful for his help. I… Read more »

Thank God for mornings like this

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Yesterday was a tough day for me on many levels. I experienced intense feelings of fear, panic, disbelief, frustration, exhaustion, anger, resentment and lots of guilt.  The long day turned into a long night because Elliott woke up in pain and I’m pretty sure it was the result of the… Read more »

I have awesome news you’ll want to read

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It’s been a long day but there’s been some positive things that have occurred and I’m happy to share them with all of you.  For starters, Emmett went to school without much hassle. He ended up having to wear in flip flops in weather that’s far too cold but he… Read more »

Guess who fell asleep in their own bed tonight

Much of the news tonight is of a very positive nature, and that feels awesome.  We ended our night by discovering that Mr. Emmett had fallen asleep in his own bed for the first time in I don’t know how long.  This is huge for us because it’s been a… Read more »

Good News :) 

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Gavin seems to be doing a little better now.  The meds have kicked in and he’s moving around without wanting to puke his guts out.  This is good news, as the title to this post states.   I’m making him take it easy for now because I don’t want him… Read more »

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