This was a big step forward

Gavin had his IVIG infusion this morning/afternoon. Everything finished up fine, but it took a really long time. What was different about this particular infusion was that Gavin wanted to hangout in his room during the procedure.  This is highly unusual because when he's undergoing this procedure, he hates to physically move. He's afraid that the needles will move.  This morning however, he said he wanted to move upstairs and watch a movie on his tablet.  We were happy to hear this because he needs to be able to walk around while receiving his IVIG. He doesn't have to move around, but it's a good thing that he's able to get up, and move around without being afraid.  This was a big step forward. ☺ 


Major Update on Gavin’s missing medications

Throughout the day, I had about half a dozen different conversations in regards to Gavin not receiving his IVIG medications and supplies. I spoke with his doctor, his insurance case manager and the head pharmacist at the pharmacy we want to switch to for his supplies.  Let's get this out of the way first.  Gavin's doctor's office was finally able to get things straightened out with our current supplier. The supplier appears to be who dropped the ball on this one.  Setting aside blame and focusing on what matters most at this very moment. I can share that Gavin's medications have been reordered. They should be arriving on Wednesday.  How am I going to prevent this from happening again?  The simple solution to fix this is going to be complicated…