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Does this make me the monster I feel like I am?

I’m going to cut to the chase. Putting things bluntly, Gavin is driving me absolutely crazy and I’m not as patient with him as I should be or as much as he deserves. He’s constantly asking me the same questions and sharing outload, every thought that pops into his head…. Read more »

A real life example of why #Autism Parenting is so challenging

Throughout the school year, we’ve had some concerns with certain teachers. It’s not that they’re doing something that was clearly wrong but rather we disagreed with their approach to dealing with kids on the Autism Spectrum. Recently, Elliott has been emotionally distraught over things he said were happening in the… Read more »

Will you accept my #Autism Awareness month challenge?

It’s Autism Awareness month once again. I see the Blue lights going up, the Memes spreading across the Internet but I want to make a suggestion to all of you out there. I believe Autism Awareness month has been around since 1970 and it seems that each year we pretty… Read more »

I will NOT be swallowed up by the negative in my life and here’s why

I’m so stressed out that I’m feeling sick to my stomach. Truthfully, I’d be sick to my stomach anyways cause of this stupid Paxil withdrawal but stress makes it so much worse. Rather than continually being swallowed up by the negative, I’m working to focus more on the blessings and… Read more »

#Autism breaks my heart in more ways than I can explain

Autism is one of those human conditions that impacts every person touched by it in a different way. Sometimes those differences are not so big and other times those differences can be so profound, that you may wonder how they can all fit underneath the umbrella known as Autism.. Each… Read more »