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Helping my son learn to forgive

I had a very challenging morning with my youngest. He’s a ball of rage and pain and fear and anger. He got into it with his brothers this morning and just exploded. This isn’t who he is but rather how he reacts to all the feelings he keeps locked inside. Yes, Mightier helps him manage …

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That’s what makes you awesome

I don’t know if you’re new here or not but in case you are, you should know that I see a therapist every Wednesday. I feel like it’s important to share that because there’s too much stigma surrounding therapy. My therapist is awesome and she’s helping me to deal with everything I’ve been through.  I …

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A long overdue, deeply personal update

It’s been a little while since I’ve really talked about how I’m doing on a personal level. There’s not really a reason for that I’m just a bit overwhelmed and when this happens, it’s not as easy for me to write. That said, it’s important that I do anyway because it’s incredibly therapeutic for me …

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What kind of person shames a special needs parent?

Shaming special needs parents is not okay. It’s not. I want to take a moment before we get into this I want to briefly talk about the shaming of special needs parents. Frankly, this applies to any parent but right now, I’m reaching out to special needs parents in particular because this is something we …

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Therapy is helping me become better

I had therapy yesterday and I feel like I’m making progress. I’m the picture of imperfection and I’m the first to admit that but the last to forgive myself for it. This last year has been incredibly challenging for me and that came after the hardest six months of my life. Losing my last two …

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Finding something positive in the remote learning chaos

There are a million reasons why this school year is a nightmare for so many students and families. Parents are struggling to find balance and that included me. I don’t see how kids are going to receive the quality education they both need and deserve. That being said, remote and distance learning are necessary evils, …

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