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If my sensory sensitive kids with #Autism can wear a mask, WTF is your excuse?

I know I’m not writing nearly as often as I normally do and the truth is, depression is really kicking my ass. I’m still functional but definitely struggling. As of today, we’ve been on lockdown for 98 straight days. As you can probably imagine, it’s running a bit long in the tooth at this point. …

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The biggest challenges I face with my #autistic kids on #COVID19 lockdown

I’ve been talking to some fantastic experts on my podcast recently. My goal is to help parents better help their kids navigate the COVID19 lockdown. The feedback thus far has been very positive and I have more interviews coming. One of the most common things that everyone is saying is essential, especially in regards to …

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No Regrets: Trading One Dream For Another

I wanted to share something that happened recently. There’s so much going on that sorta drowns out moments like these. The other day, Elliott was digging through some drawers and he found a very special piece of my past. I don’t talk about it much because it doesn’t really matter anymore and truthfully, it sometimes …

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My kids deserve the best version of me

If I rated my sleep last night on a scale of 1 to 10, it would probably be a 4. I’ve had better but I’ve also had worse. I didn’t get to bed until well after midnight and that is something I’m trying very hard to correct because I need to take better care of …

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To Whom This May Concern

Look, am I okay? No. No I’m not. I imagine if I asked you the same question (and I do almost every single night on Twitter), many of you would answer the same way. The world is absolutely crazy right now and a lot of us aren’t doing okay. I’m not a unique case here. …

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How my #Autistic son overcame his anxiety today

We had a really busy day today and I’m quite tired. We had our share of ups and downs I wanted to point out something that happened, as well as how I handled it. As I mentioned the other day, we were celebrating Gavin’s 20th birthday today. Most of my family, including myself and the …

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