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#Autism exploded all over our refrigerator

I’m so used to being an Autism parent that very little surprises me anymore. There are times however, that one of my kids does something that is so obviously Autism related in nature, that I can’t help but stop and smile. ☺ Yesterday, I made a quick trip to the… Read more »

The main reason I make everyday a clean slate

It’s no secret that I’m struggling at the moment. You can read 3 tell-tale signs I need help with my #Depression for details on why that is. I’m having a better day today, at least comparatively speaking and there are many reasons for that. I want to focus on the… Read more »

3 tell-tale signs I need help with my #Depression

I’ve been very open in regards to my ongoing war with depression. I feel that the only way we can de-stigmatize things like depression or any other mental health illness, is to speak openly, honestly and without shame. It’s with the continued spirit of honesty, that I share with you… Read more »

I’m losing my son to Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

This was a very difficult video to record. I did my best to hold it together but talking about Childhood Disintegrative Disorder and how it’s impacted my oldest son, Gavin, is incredibly painful. CDD is a very rare and regressive form of Autism. A child will develop typically, hitting appropriate… Read more »

#Autism Parenting: It’s time to give yourself a little credit

Autism Parents have to be many, many things. Unfortunately, one of the most common things they are is hard on themselves. The average Autism parent is about a million times harder on themselves than anyone else possibly could be. We tend to hold ourselves to an impossible standard and blame… Read more »

An important truth about being an #Autism parent

As an Autism parent, life is exceptionally stressful and that’s on the good days. When things in life get rocky, for whatever reason, my body and mind simply want to shutdown. It’s a self-preservation thing and unfortunately, being an Autism Parent doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for shutting… Read more »

The Big Little Brother

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I wanted to talk about something that’s becoming an issue and will likely only continue to be an issue going forward. I should probably clarify that when I say issue, I’m referring to more of a challenge we’re facing. When Gavin was little, it was pretty easy to miss the… Read more »