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To Whom This May Concern

Look, am I okay? No. No I’m not. I imagine if I asked you the same question (and I do almost every single night on Twitter), many of you would answer the same way. The world is absolutely crazy right now and a lot of us aren’t doing okay. I’m not a unique case here. …

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How my #Autistic son overcame his anxiety today

We had a really busy day today and I’m quite tired. We had our share of ups and downs I wanted to point out something that happened, as well as how I handled it. As I mentioned the other day, we were celebrating Gavin’s 20th birthday today. Most of my family, including myself and the …

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We don’t have to be perfect parents and that’s good, especially for me

While talking with a new friend of mine recently, I was reminded of something I’ve lost sight of in recent months and perhaps even recent years. We were discussing selfcare and the possibility of working together on something for Autism Awareness Month this year. We were coming at this from slightly different perspectives but I …

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A simple act of kindness towards a fellow #Autism parent

I was at the grocery store today with my kids. Walmart to be exact and the kids were doing pretty well. I was a little frustrated with them but truthfully, that’s more on me and less than them. We were at the register, unloading the massive amount of groceries so they could be scanned and …

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A little overcompensation here and a little overcompensation there

So I’ve been avoiding talking about specifically what caused my marriage to implode and that’s not going to change. Truthfully, there’s a great deal I still don’t understand myself and probably never will. Having said that, I do feel that it’s fair and even important to speak about what I’m personally experiencing as a single …

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Do you know what it means to be in survival mode?

I’ve not spoken about this in a while because I have been so caught up in the struggle; it hadn’t occurred to me. During therapy tonight with the kids, our therapist mentioned that I’m in survival mode. I’m very familiar with survival mode but hadn’t actually thought about it in a long time. I think …

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