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I will NOT be swallowed up by the negative in my life and here’s why

I’m so stressed out that I’m feeling sick to my stomach. Truthfully, I’d be sick to my stomach anyways cause of this stupid Paxil withdrawal but stress makes it so much worse. Rather than continually being swallowed up by the negative, I’m working to focus more on the blessings and… Read more »

#Autism breaks my heart in more ways than I can explain

Autism is one of those human conditions that impacts every person touched by it in a different way. Sometimes those differences are not so big and other times those differences can be so profound, that you may wonder how they can all fit underneath the umbrella known as Autism.. Each… Read more »

NEVER judge an #Autism parent and here’s why

I’ll be the first to admit, it’s easy to judge someone or something you don’t understand. Sometimes these are snap judgements based on one’s initial impressions of a situation. Unfortunately, parents like myself and families like mine find ourselves staring down the long barrel of judgement all too often. I… Read more »

Even Daddies make mistakes and need to apologize

Today was one of those days where I feel like a parenting failure. There wasn’t one specific thing that contributed to me feeling like this but rather a culmination of things. The boys were being the boys. They were loud, hyper and testing my patience. Gavin was being Gavin and… Read more »

What it requires to BE a Special Needs Parent and what it requires to HELP one

In my family, we don’t experience too many situations that fall into the normal category. With special needs kids, normal is something that we have almost no comprehension of. Normal is a subjective term anyway and it’s going to be different for everyone. It’s because of the above reasons, so… Read more »