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Focusing on the positive helps me remember that #depression is lying to me

I’m very much in a darker place right now but I’m also refusing to give into depression. Fighting depression is an imperfect, uphill battle that’s part of an invisible overarching war that I’ve been engaged in for most of my life. Part of my battle tactic is to force myself to focus on the positive …

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I’ve been a single parent for exactly 1 year today and I have some thoughts

It’s been one year since I became a single parent again. I’ve said before that I’m really weird with milestones and anniversaries because they mark moments in my life that were impactful for whatever reason. Maybe I’m too sentimental but it’s just sorta the way I am. Everything in my life changed on August 10, …

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My little victory over #depression and a gentle reminder to all of you

First of all, I really appreciate all the love and support. We’re all in this together and I sometimes forget that. Thank you for the many reminders. ☺ I wanted to share a bit more about something I alluded to in the previous post (see here). Yesterday, Elliott did his daily can we go walking …

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Navigating The In-Between

So last night was pretty rough. We’re coming up on the one year mark since Lizze moved out and while I feel like the kids are doing better, there’s still a tremendous amount of pain. Each of the kids deal with everything in different ways. Gavin simply accepts whatever he’s told, never questioning anything. Emmett …

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To Whom This May Concern: I Am In My Lane

I shared my recent interview with ABC News on the topic of wearing masks, and there have been some requests from within the autism community that I stay in my lane. It’s been suggested that I just focus on autism related things because that’s why people follow me. I thought a To Whom This May …

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#COVID19 requires new routines for my #autistic kids

I’m making some progress in the creating a new routine department and I’m pretty proud of myself. Actually, I’m proud of my kids as well because they’re slowly adjusting. We’re on day 143 or 144 of COVID19 lockdown and yes, it’s a lockdown. We have been to the park a handful of times and spend …

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