I’m so proud of my wife today

The boys got off to school this morning without trouble. Lizze and Gavin came with us because we were going to hit the park and go walking before returning home. Walking isn't always easy but Lizze did really good this morning. We went for just under a mile and a half. Gavin did well also and didn't complain abiht anything the whole time. Sometimes Gavin will experience joints popping out of socket while walking and that's very painful. Everything went smoothly for him and that's always a good thing. The walk was shorter than I would do on my own and that's okay. I'll make a second trip later today and get some more time in. I'm so proud of Lizze because I know how hard this is for her…

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Hello Pain Management at the @ClevelandClinic

After a quick lunch, we've made our way to Pain Management. It was about a 35 minute drive from the main campus. We realized that we been to this location before. It was many years ago when Gavin was little. This is where he saw his first Cleveland Clinic Neurologist for his movement disorder. It's been a long time but it brought back some memories of the very early days in Gavin's health journey. Anyway, we're actually a bit early but she's checked in and filling out the questionnaire. They said she might be able to get in early. ☺ Lizze and I have come up with a list of questions, so we can maximize the time we have here today. I saw someone asked in the comments on the…


There’s so much riding on today

Thankfully, Emmett's in a good mood this morning because we finally understand why he's been so frustrated with school and no longer wants to go. Hopefully, we'll get some answers this morning and can put his fears to rest. I'll explain more when I can. He's not being bullied or anything like that. This has to do with what appears to be a classroom policy. After that, the biggest thing we have going today is one of Lizze's appointments at the Cleveland Clinic. One of her appointments today is very important, while the other is a routine follow-up. Lizze is going into the pain management program at the Cleveland Clinic. We're heading to the amazing @ClevelandClinic today in order to find relief for my wife, who's living with chronic pain.…


Today almost didn’t happen

We have an insanely busy day ahead of us. It will begin by meeting with Emmett's teachers because he came home today and requested that we pull him from the school. I can't go into what's going on until I meet with the teachers and gain more insight. Lizze and I will leave from the school and head to the Cleveland Clinic, where we will spend the rest of the day. Lizze has a string of appointments and they begin first thing and won't finish until dinner time. It's going to be an exceptionally long day and unfortunately, these appointments aren't all in the same location which means there's going to be a good deal of driving. Things are a bit tight in the financial department at moment and trips…


What we did with our break from the kids

I already mentioned that the boys were spending the night at their grandparents tonight. I also talked about how Lizze was in a lot of pain and I wasn't sure we were going to actually do anything while the boys were away. I remembered that Lizze has been wanting to wander around downtown Canton and take pictures of all the artwork that's popping up all over downtown. She was a bit hesitant at first because simply existing hurt and walking around would likely make it worse, but she decided to give it a shot anyway. Below are the pictures I took while we were out. [foogallery id="82184"] This was a great way to spend some quality time together. We don't get much time to ourselves and that can take a…

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Well shit, that didn’t go as planned

It's been a really long day and it's only 3:30 PM. I'm actually feeling much better today and want to give a big thanks to the inlaws for chillin' with the kids while I took Lizze to her doctor at the Cleveland Clinic. I have to say, the traffic was good and we made excellent time. ☺ Unfortunately, when we arrived at the doctors office, Lizze was informed that her appointment was at the other location. Considering we didn't even know there was another location, it was a bit frustrating. Apparently, her doctor has begun seeing patients in a second location as well. In all the years Lizze has been a patient, the appointments have always been in the same place. Lizze's appointment ended up being in this new location,…


She’s in a shitload of pain

The boys are officially gone and we are t-minus one hour until Lizze has to be at the doctors. They'll be gone until sometime tomorrow. I'm feeling a bit more energized own after hitting the treadmill for a bit.  I'm not sure what we're going to do tonight, because Lizze is still in a shitload of pain from the weather.  Maybe we'll pickup dinner and work on season 3 of iZombie.  Simply not having to worry about the boys is a huge, albeit temporary relief. ☺ 


Lizze isn’t doing so good

Lizze is definitely under the weather today because of the weather today. It's on and off storms, making life very painful for her to endure.  I'm hoping that she's feeling better as the day goes on, and after a long nap. It would be really nice for her and I to be able to do something, besides sleep, while the boys are gone.  If she's not feeling better, than the goal will be to make her as comfortable as possible, and maybe bring her dinner... ☺