What we did with our break from the kids

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I already mentioned that the boys were spending the night at their grandparents tonight. I also talked about how Lizze was in a lot of pain and I wasn’t sure we were going to actually do anything while the boys were away.

I remembered that Lizze has been wanting to wander around downtown Canton and take pictures of all the artwork that’s popping up all over downtown.

She was a bit hesitant at first because simply existing hurt and walking around would likely make it worse, but she decided to give it a shot anyway.

Below are the pictures I took while we were out.

This was a great way to spend some quality time together. We don’t get much time to ourselves and that can take a toll over time.

We had a great time and saw as much art as we could before it got too hard for her to walk. I’m so grateful for the time we spent together tonight. ☺

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  • Facebook Profile photo BeckyW says:

    I’m impressed. I haven’t lived near a city that had that much art. Makes me want to drive to Canton!