Hello Pain Management at the @ClevelandClinic

After a quick lunch, we’ve made our way to Pain Management. It was about a 35 minute drive from the main campus.

We realized that we been to this location before. It was many years ago when Gavin was little. This is where he saw his first Cleveland Clinic Neurologist for his movement disorder. It’s been a long time but it brought back some memories of the very early days in Gavin’s health journey.

Anyway, we’re actually a bit early but she’s checked in and filling out the questionnaire. They said she might be able to get in early. ☺

Lizze and I have come up with a list of questions, so we can maximize the time we have here today.

I saw someone asked in the comments on the last post, if this was the same place they wanted Lizze to go to many years back. The answer is no. That was related to her migraines and they called it pain rehab.

The doctor suspected that because of the combination of meds her neurologist at the time had her on, they had rewritten her pain receptors to interpret everything as pain. They wanted her to come off those meds and go through the pain rehab clinic.

She was unable to go due to logistical and insurance reasons.

Anyway, this isn’t the same thing. This is pain management not pain rehab. Lizze isn’t on any of the meds the headache clinic had been concerned with and hasn’t been forever. She’s not on anything heavier than prescription Motrin and Tylenol in regards to pain.

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