Our summer is NOT getting off in the right foot

I don’t know what the deal is, but both Elliott and Emmett are not doing well. Health-wise they’re fine, but emotionally they’re like two freight trains ready to derail at any moment. 

Maybe the transition to summer break was harder on them than it typically has been in the past? Maybe it’s related to the weather? 

Regardless of the root cause, I’m already at my wits end. 

Lizze came home and relieved me for awhile. Now she’s resting for a bit before we take the boys to the park, weather permitting. I want to go walking, and Emmett has about half of a mile left to go before one of his Pokémon eggs hatches. I’m hoping that will be the motivation he needs to willingly go along with this.

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Gavin’s been extremely quiet today, which is a little unusual for a compulsive talker such as himself. I’m not sure if he’s feeling under the weather, but he’s definitely a bit off today. 

I’m going to do whatever I need to in order to salvage as much of the day we have left as possible. 

I need to veer this car back onto the road, because I won’t survive a summer, full of days like this.