Toni Braxton now claims her son is cured of #Autism and here’s why that’s total BULLSHIT

You may have read that Toni Braxton is now claiming that her son with Autism is no longer Autistic because he’s been cured.  This is the same woman who thinks her son was born Autistic because God was punishing her for having an abortion many years ago

I have replied to anything goes like this in a really long time but this latest statement is absolutely bullshit.

Don’t get me wrong, if her son is doing better, that’s awesome and I’m happy for them both. As a parent, I feel happy for her because it’s so hard to see your child struggle with life.

That being said, this is still bullshit and here’s why.

Let’s get this little turd out of the way first..  Having a child with Autism is not a punishment from God. Just think about the message that sends. It’s bad enough that she even thinks that but it’s so totally fucked up to be a celebrity and make that statement publicly (see above link for this story).

She’s basically saying that her son is a punishment because of a past decision.. If her son has Autism, it’s part of who he is and if you think that a child can separate themselves from a statement like that, I don’t even know what to say.

Secondly,  there is no cure for Autism.  

Sadly, there isn’t a cure for stupid celebrities spewing uneducated opinions that only serve to hurt the Autism community either.

If your child was correctly diagnosed with having Autism, then there is no such thing as a cure.  If your child has Autism, they will have Autism for their entire life.

If you have a child who makes a miraculous turn around after changing their diet, that’s great but guess what? They probably weren’t Autistic in the first place but instead had a food allergy, sensitivity or some other underlying genetic disorder.

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