Toni Braxton now claims her son is cured of #Autism and here’s why that’s total BULLSHIT

You may have read that Toni Braxton is now claiming that her son with Autism is no longer Autistic because he’s been cured.  This is the same woman who thinks her son was born Autistic because God was punishing her for having an abortion many years ago

I have replied to anything goes like this in a really long time but this latest statement is absolutely bullshit.

Don’t get me wrong, if her son is doing better, that’s awesome and I’m happy for them both. As a parent, I feel happy for her because it’s so hard to see your child struggle with life.

That being said, this is still bullshit and here’s why.

Let’s get this little turd out of the way first..  Having a child with Autism is not a punishment from God. Just think about the message that sends. It’s bad enough that she even thinks that but it’s so totally fucked up to be a celebrity and make that statement publicly (see above link for this story).

She’s basically saying that her son is a punishment because of a past decision.. If her son has Autism, it’s part of who he is and if you think that a child can separate themselves from a statement like that, I don’t even know what to say.

Secondly,  there is no cure for Autism.  

Sadly, there isn’t a cure for stupid celebrities spewing uneducated opinions that only serve to hurt the Autism community either.

If your child was correctly diagnosed with having Autism, then there is no such thing as a cure.  If your child has Autism, they will have Autism for their entire life.

If you have a child who makes a miraculous turn around after changing their diet, that’s great but guess what? They probably weren’t Autistic in the first place but instead had a food allergy, sensitivity or some other underlying genetic disorder.

If your Autistic child drastically changes for the better after listening to whale sounds or sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber, they aren’t cured. They probably had a medical condition that responds to treatments like this.

Even the best ABA or other type of therapies can only help a child better navigate their world.  Behavior modification can help with behavioral problems but it doesn’t cure your child of being Autistic.

These kinds of statements make me so frustrated because all it does is spread misinformation, further muddying the water and provides desperate parents with false hope because there is no cure for Autism.

People like Toni Braxton and Jenny McCarthy are in positions where they have a huge amount of influence over their fan base.  Making statements like my son is cured from being Autistic is not only inaccurate but it’s also dangerously irresponsible.

Again, if your child makes a significant improvement with only a dietary change or some other treatment then they most likely weren’t Autistic in the first place or at the very least had a secondary condition that responded to such a treatment.

A couple of years ago I wrote about a company that was selling what amounted to bleach enemas,  to desperate parents and touting it as a cure for Autism.  This is actually still happening.  You can Google it.

If you think that people would be smart enough not do something like this to their child, you’d be wrong.  People bought this shit and forced it into their children, only serving to torture and poison them.

Desperate parents will cling to even the smallest glimmer of hope and go to the ends of the Earth for their child and when someone with tremendous influence makes a statement that their child is no longer Autistic after doing something people are going to try and replicate the results.  If their child is truly on the Autism Spectrum, the best case scenario is that their hopes are shattered because it doesn’t work. The worst case scenario could be they seriously injure their child or worse.

On a side note, most parents can’t afford to do for their child what these celebrities with endless amounts of financial backing have done for theirs.  Many of us can barely afford the basic therapies our kids need and struggle with everything else. 

These celebrities are not doctors and very likely haven’t even a basic understanding of how things actually work. They aren’t scientists or even researchers.  They aren’t usually educated in this area either.

For some ridiculous reason, we value their opinions and treat them as fact.  Just look at Jenny McCarthy because she a perfect example of someone who’s ignorant, dangerous and irresponsibly uses her platform to spread what has been scientifically disproven, countless times.

Autism cannot be cured. It’s so deeply ingrained in who a person is, that I can’t even image being able to ever separate the person from their Autism without fundamentally altering who they are.

Even mentioning something about a cure can create controversy for many moral and ethical reasons.

As a parent, I can understand why someone would seek a cure for their child who is profoundly impacted by Autism..  No one wants to see their child suffer and the reality is that some kids with Autism are almost trapped inside their own bodies.  Who wouldn’t want to release them and give them a higher quality of life.

The unfortunate reality is that anyone touting a cure for Autism or claiming to have cured their own child, is no better then someone peddling snake oil.

There is no cure for Autism within the confines of our current medical knowledge and understanding of what Autism even is.

For that matter, we don’t even know what causes Autism, aside from a there being a genetic component.

My fear is that desperate parents will have their hopes shattered when they find out the hard way that when celebrities talk about their child being cured of Autism, it’s nothing more than word vomit.

I worry that already overtaxed and desperate parents will be shattered by the false hope that’s provided by these people with whom we erroneously assign an undeserved level of authority to.

One last time.

There is no cure for Autism.  Anyone who says their child has been cured, likely had a child who was not really Autistic in the first place.

There are tons of things we can do to help improve the lives of those touched with Autism but there simply is no such thing as a cure.


  1. I think it’s a mom that is excited that her child is improving and possibly used the wrong term. You definitely are reading entirely too much into it.

    Furthermore, anyone that takes their medical advice from Toni Braxton, Jenny McCarthy…or even you for that matter should have their head examined. We are all just parents sharing experiences and things that work for us. Some have a larger stage to share than others, but that doesn’t change who the message is coming from.

    Side note, I also read a comment that said she has it easier because she has money and nannies. What an awful way to minimize someone else’s struggle. Truly gross

    • But they are all for uniting autism families ya know.

    • We agree on a few things. You shouldn’t take medical advice from anyone on the internet, this is why I will not give medical advice.

      People who cling to the words of celebrities like Jenny McCarthy and others, need a reality check.

      The problem is when people with this much influence start saying things like their child has been cured of Autism. Not only is it inaccurate but it’s impossible.

      If their child was cured of Autism, then they were incorrectly diagnosed because there is no cure for Autism. Perhaps her son has improved with therapy or something but if he is symptom free after some treatment, he wasn’t Autistic in the first place.

      The problem is that when people of influence say things like this and the media sucks it up, it does nothing more than spread misinformation about a disorder that is already confusing enough.

      I agree that minimizing someone’s struggle is not a good thing. That being said, there is a difference between having to ability to have live in help 24/7, provide your child with anything they need because your filthy rich and struggling to provide even the basics because you’re not as fortunate.

      That said, a struggling child is a struggling child and how that feels to a parent isn’t impacted by ones bank account.

      Does that make sense?

      • I guess my main point is that I don’t consider them a person of influence in that space. I get what you are saying, but i don’t think they hold as much power as you think. With that said, if a parent tries some therapy because they read about it in people magazine AND have success…how is that s bad thing?!

        The cure thing seems to be your sticking point and I get it…try not to get hung up on the word and look at the overall message instead. Her child has improved so dramatically she ‘thinks’ he is ‘cured’.

        As far as money, sure she can afford some things that others can’t. But that doesn’t make the raising of the child any easier.
        I have an issue with anyone of means having their struggles minimized, just because they can pay for things.

        • I disagree. Look at the absolute chaos that Jenny McCarthy caused. While you and I may have sense enough to know these people don’t know what they are talking about, there are masses of people who hang in their every word. Just look at the anti-vaccine movement. That was Jenny McCarthy’s pet project and it turns out her kid wasn’t autistic to begin with.

          It’s not about people with money being able to pay for things. It’s about people with money being able to provide their kids with things that are not readily available to most families with kids on the spectrum.

          Everything is relative but when you can have your nanny deal with a meltdown while you drink a margarita, it’s not quite the same thing.

          That said, I don’t like comparing paper cuts and Autism impacts a family, regardless of their financial status. How Autism is dealt with and the child helped, can be drastically improved when you have the money to pay for things insurance won’t cover.

          I get where you’re coming from and I agree but I talk to so many parents and I hear all their heartbreaking stories, it’s hard not to see things differently.

          • ‘Nanny deal with it while you have a margarita’ is exactly my point. the assumption that money means they are no longer means they are active parents.

            I actively disagree with you on Jenny McCarthy, but there really isn’t much more I say about that, so we can agree to disagree on the damage a former playboy centerfold did to the vaccine movement

            • *to add, I liked the edit function before…My phone jumped around on me and didn’t realize I had extra words.

              ‘That money means they are no longer active parents’

            • Can you not edit? I thought you could.

              I’m cool agreeing to disagree… Maybe Google Jenny McCarthy and Autism. She’s widely credited with propelling the anti-vaccine movement forward and keeping it going until she sorta disappeared when it was found out that her son was never Autistic.. I think it was a misdiagnose… I don’t remember all the facts around that but that’s what Google’s for… Lol

        • It’s impossible to quantify struggles, and it would be silly to minimize the struggles of others. That said, money does make things easier. There have been times in my life when I’ve had more money and times when I’ve had less. Having more money can ease some troubles, for sure, no doubt. If you don’t have to worry about where the rent money is coming from, you have more patience for your children. If you can afford a babysitter or even a new game to keep them busy for an hour, you can get a little peace of mind. If you can buy the shoes they want rather than the ones you can afford, you can save meaningless aggravation. Those are just little things, but they are real and they make a difference. Money doesn’t make you a better or worse parent, but it does make the experience less stressful than it would have been otherwise given your same situation and temperament.

          • Money makes some things easier, but I don’t agree that it makes the experience less stressful. I think there might just be different stress.

          • Dot,

            That’s the whole point I was trying to make. Money doesn’t fix anything but it can make things easier or more manageable.

            When you have the money to have live in help or provide the best services for your child, it sorta changes the dynamic.

            Money won’t make the heartache any easier but generally speaking, the more specialized services you can provide your child, the better chance they have.

            I’m not minimizing anyone’s pain or struggle but if you think about it, if you’re a family who can barely afford to keep the lights on and can’t provide your child with many of the services that will help, one would think they are at a disadvantage.

            That’s the very plight of many families I speak with… Being rich won’t make your child any less Autistic but having to means to ensure a proper support system, can make an enormous difference.

  2. having autism an knowing what my parents went though before they new as much as now .it dose a lot of harm when these people spew stupid crap that my parents an other are left to clean up .even now I’m HF an it insulting .i have autism I’m HF then when younger .but those things they say are just ingorent not helpfull at all .sad

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