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30 Days On Lockdown S3E14

In this shorter episode, I discuss a major milestone we’ve reached, 30 days on total lockdown. I share how I’m managing a seriously delicate medication situation with my oldest. I talk about how we’re doing and the struggles I’m facing as a single Dad during the worst pandemic in a century. Please remember that self-care …

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Tech to Help Your #Autistic Kid (feat. Aaron Shute of Brain Power) S3E13

In this episode, I talk with Aaron Shute from Brain Power. We discuss how they are using highly specialized software and Google Glass to improve the lives of Autistic kids and adults. Brain Power uses augmented reality to help Autistic individuals better interact with the world. The technology is absolutely amazing but please understand that …

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Managing Depression on Lockdown (S3E12)

In this episode, I open up about how I’m managing my depression while I’m on total lockdown with my 3 Autistic kids. Those of us who live with mental health issues may find ourselves struggling more because of all that’s going on around us. I hope that my experience can help someone else. Please remember …

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The Line Between Preparedness and Paranoia (S3E11)

In this episode, I update you on a major decision I had to make in order to keep my immunocompromised son safe during the COVID19 pandemic. Very few things are simple with it comes to Special Needs parenting and I share the thought process that goes into making potentially life-altering decisions for my kids. I …

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My 11 Year Old Talks About Life On Lockdown (Feat Emmett Gorski) S3E10

In this weeks (albeit late) episode, I talk about life on lockdown and what it’s like to manage this COVID19 health crisis as a single Dad to 3 Autistic kids. Gavin, (my oldest) is immunocompromised and I have to walk a very, very fine line in order to keep him safe. It’s not easy by …

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UPDATE: How my #Autism family is surviving our #COVID19 lockdown (4/16/2020)

Here’s an update on how my Autism and Special Needs family is managing on lockdown during the COVID19 pandemic. I wanted to provide you with a list of reliable sources for information regarding COVID19. Facts, science medicine and accurate, truthful information matter now more than ever. These are a few of the people and places …

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