MAJOR UPDATE: 3 anti-bullying actions taken by the school today 

This is a pretty major update in regards to the Elliott being bullied issue we've been dealing with over the last few months.  To get current, please read back a few posts and you'll be brought up to speed, or just click HERE. I received a call from the principal, whom I have a great line of communication with and he wanted to let me know what his plan of attack was going to be. We also spoke briefly when I picked the boys up from school and I was pleased to hear how things were handled. Here's the long answer short of it. 1) Kids were independently called to the office to discuss anything going on in the classroom that was concerning to them. Basic things like, was anyone being…


3 ways the school could indirectly deal with my son’s bully

I'm not having a good day. I was approached by the interventionist today, while picking the boys up from school. Actually, I was only picking up Elliott cause Emmett was home sick. I've always made it a point to be as honest with this blog as possible. Sometimes the honesty is rather brutal. As I'm writing this, I'm literally shaking because I'm so upset by what I learned today. While I'm not going to go into much detail because I'm jot done with this yet, I do want to talk about what happened. When I left the meeting with the school last Friday, it was decided that she would meet with Elliott alone, this other kid alone and then sit them both down together and try and work through whatever…


How I’m dealing with my son’s bully

I've been largely absent the last day or so because I've been busy. Most everything can wait until a bit later today, but I did want to talk briefly about the bullying situation at school. I met with the school this afternoon and had a thirty-minute discussion about what's going on with Elliott and this bully. While I'm not happy at all, I will say that since I know how to handle this and who to talk to, the process is much easier. The person I spoke with today is very genuine, and I truly believe that she's as horrified about this as I am. In fact, she may even be more upset than I am and I'm pissed off. We decided that she would meet with Elliott on Monday…


My son is being bullied again at school 

It's been a couple of months since we've had any issues with this kid that's bullying Elliott at school. I thought we were past all this crap. In fact, I even stopped asking about it because every time I asked Elliott, there wasn't a single issue. As Elliott was getting into the car today after school, I could see on his face that something was wrong. Before I could even ask what was wrong, he said don't bother asking about my day today because it was a terrible or something to that extent. 🙁 Of course I asked him anyway and he unloaded his frustration. Apparently, this same kid began taunting Elliott in class.  He was telling Elliott that he had taken something from him and it was in his pocket.…


Great news about the school day today

We had to pick the boys up from school and then run to the other side of town because Lizze had a doctor's appointment. While Elliott's in a bad mood because he's hungry, he was able to deliver piece of really good news.  When I asked him how his day was and if there were any problems, he said good and no problems.  In other words, it sounds like he had a bully free day. I can't tell you how much I needed to hear something like this today. I'm so relieved that our efforts have produced a positive outcome, at least for now. ☺ 


An update on the bullying situation 

I wanted to shoot an update through the channels and let everyone know how we're doing with the bullying situation that's recently come to light.   I'm really happy to be able to say that since our meeting this week at the school, the changes made have had a very positive impact. The biggest change that has been made is the proximity of where this classroom bully now sits in regards to where Elliott sits.   A little distance seems to be really helping.   Elliott has reported that things have gotten better for him. He hasn't been assaulted by this kid for most of the last school week and that's a big change for the better.  He was getting stabbed/scratched/hit with pencils on what seemed like a regular basis.…


What happened at the school meeting to help stop my son’s bully

Lizze and I met with the school this morning for an official meeting about Elliott being bullied. There's been lots of discussion surrounding this lately, and the purpose of this meeting was to get everyone on the same page.  The meeting lasted maybe 30 minutes and was attended by all of Elliott's main teachers throughout the day, the principal, interventionist and of course, Lizze and myself.   [ditty_news_ticker id="47402"] I feel that the meeting was overwhelmingly positive because it provided some clarification as to what's going on and allowed us to formulate a plan for moving forward.   The one issue we ran into was that no one aside from Elliott has witnessed him being assaulted. This limits what the school can do to address this and today we learned…


A MAJOR UPDATE to the bullying situation affecting my son with #Autism 

It's been a rough few days and I'm just getting over being sick. There's a lot I need to catch up on and that's going kinda slow at the moment.  On top of that, pretty much everything that could go wrong, did go wrong today but that's another entry.  Having said that, the one thing that hasn't been back burnered is addressing Elliott's ongoing issues with the kid that's bullying him at school. In fact, I've been dealing with that every day since it's come to light.  This morning I met with the office staff at the boy's school and had what my old business partner would call a come to Jesus meeting.  It seems like communication within the school is breaking down somewhere because every time I talk to…