My son is being bullied again at school 

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It’s been a couple of months since we’ve had any issues with this kid that’s bullying Elliott at school. I thought we were past all this crap. In fact, I even stopped asking about it because every time I asked Elliott, there wasn’t a single issue.  

As Elliott was getting into the car today after school, I could see on his face that something was wrong.  

Before I could even ask what was wrong, he said don’t bother asking about my day today because it was a terrible or something to that extent. 🙁 

Of course I asked him anyway and he unloaded his frustration. 

Apparently, this same kid began taunting Elliott in class.  He was telling Elliott that he had taken something from him and it was in his pocket. Elliott was upset because he didn’t know what this kid had stolen from him.  

Both Elliott and his friend who stood up for him, wanted to tell his teacher right away but we’re afraid to do so for fear of losing a point for disrupting the class. They told their teacher at the break and it sounds like she spoke with this kid but nothing was done as far as consequences go. 

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This kid also began accusing Elliott of stealing things. That really upsets Elliott because he would never do anything like that. 

Long story short, the school bully is back at it again. Hopefully, this was a one time occurrence but regardless, I’ve got a message out to the teachers and I’ll speak with the office in the morning.  

Trying to tell Elliott how to handle this is hard because I don’t want him getting in trouble. I do want him standing up for himself. If this kid accuses him of stealing again, I want him to shout what! What am I stealing? Telling me exactly what I’m stealing and if you can’t, sit down and shut up because I’ve not stolen anything. 

Something like that because Elliott tries to reason with this kid and that’s just not working. Fingers crossed that tomorrow is a better day.. 

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