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The Final Letter: When the school fails to effectively discipline my son’s bully

I picked up the boys from school on Monday afternoon and just prior to them walking out, I was greeted by who I think is the interventionist. It hadn’t occurred to me that she would be a resource. She was quite upset and apologetic about what’s been happening to Elliott.  Having just learned about it, …

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The letter I sent to my son’s teacher about him being bullied at school

In the ongoing issue of Elliott being bullied by a kid in his class, I sent the below message to his teachers after learning that these things are still happening.   I have great respect for these teachers and I know their job is not easy. At the same time, it’s their responsibility to ensure …

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A very important Elliott update 

​This week has been focused on the kid at school who’s bullying Elliott. We spoke to his teachers and the principal but if today was any indication of how this is going to play out, we’re going to have a problem.  While at Dr. Pattie’s tonight, we spoke with Elliott about this and learned that …

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My son is being bullied at school and here’s what we did about it

It’s late, and I’m tired, so I’m just going to jump right into things tonight.  Lizze and I met with Elliott’s teachers this morning in regards to our suspicion that Elliott might be getting bullied at school. We were concerned but didn’t want to jump the gun because it was possible that Elliott was misinterpreting …

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We suspect our son with #Autism is being bullied at school and here’s how we’re handling it

We’ve spent a bit of time speaking with Elliott this weekend. It would be fair to say this has been a rough couple of days for him. It’s pretty obvious that something is upsetting him but getting to the bottom of what that is can be tricky. Elliott will list things that bother him but …

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