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What my son with #Autism did in occupational therapy today (lots of pictures) 

“I hope these pictures help you to gain some insight into the things that go down in OT when you’re a kid with Autism and sensory processing disorder.”

It’s off to speech therapy we go

Gavin and I are off to speech therapy. Lizze is staying behind because the boys will be getting dropped off by her Mom after school.  While today hasn’t gone exactly as planned, we have made the best of it so far and I’m feeling good about that.   The rest of the day is going …

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Gavin did great in Speech Therapy today

Gavin and I arrived home from Speech Therapy about 40 minutes ago and I just wanted to share that he did a really good job.   It’s important to remember that doing a really good job can be relative, especially when dealing with kids on the Autism Spectrum.  People on the outside might not see …

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What I realized while watching my oldest during Speech Therapy 

I’m sitting here with Gavin at Speech Therapy, listening to him through the intercom and behind to two way mirror that divide us.   He’s so upbeat and happy, which is awesome.   At the same time, I’m realizing just how hard he is to understand anymore. His speech has regressed to a point that …

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Come see what Gavin did because I’m so stinking proud :) 

We’ve had a pretty good day. Gavin did really well at speech today.  In fact, he kicked ass. How can someone kick ass in Speech Therapy? Check this out… Gavin was given an assignment and that assignment was to write a game review of his favorite video game. Physically writing with a pencil and paper …

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Gavin kicked ass in Speech Therapy today

There’s more to having an awesome Speech Therapy session than just getting the answers right

We’ve finally made it to therapy for the first time in 5 weeks

It’s proving to be a pretty decent afternoon

Amazing News: I can’t believe I forgot to spill the beans on this

“…….. I’m not sure how I forgot to share this before today. Oh wait, I’m raising 3 kids with Autism on my own and I’m lucky if I remember my own name on most days…..” Read More