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What I realized while watching my oldest during Speech Therapy 

Pin2 Reddit Share Buffer Tweet +1 ShareShares 2I’m sitting here with Gavin at Speech Therapy, listening to him through the intercom and behind to two way mirror that divide us…. Read more »


Come see what Gavin did because I’m so stinking proud :) 

Share16 Buffer12 Tweet4 Share2 +12 Pin2 RedditShares 38We’ve had a pretty good day. Gavin did really well at speech today.  In fact, he kicked ass. How can someone kick ass… Read more »


Gavin kicked ass in Speech Therapy today

There’s more to having an awesome Speech Therapy session than just getting the answers right


Amazing News: I can’t believe I forgot to spill the beans on this

“…….. I’m not sure how I forgot to share this before today. Oh wait, I’m raising 3 kids with Autism on my own and I’m lucky if I remember my own name on most days…..” Read More


Here’s what happened at Gavin Speech assessment: It’s not real good

I received the results of Gavin’s speech assessment and it’s not really good. 🙁 . Here’s what I know..


I just interviewed with Gavin’s speech therapist at @akronchildrens

I met with Gavin’s evaluating speech therapist and she’s pretty fricking awesome