Amazing News: I can't believe I forgot to spill the beans on this -

Amazing News: I can’t believe I forgot to spill the beans on this

I received a phone call the other day that was baring some really good news.  I’m not sure how I forgot to share this before today.  Oh wait,  I’m raising 3 kids with Autism on my own and I’m lucky if I remember my own name on most days.  lol


Anyway, the phone call was from Akron Children’s Hospital and they were calling to schedule Gavin for speech therapy. 

This is huge and I can’t overstate the importance of speech therapy for Gavin. 

We’ve been on the wait list for a really long time and honestly, I’d forgotten about it.

As a result of having this slip my mind, it was a really, really big surprise.  ☺

To take this awesomeness one step further, Gavin is scheduled for speech therapy at the same time that Emmett is scheduled for occupational and physical therapy. 

Having these appointments at the same place and same time males life just a little bit easier..  ☺

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