Give me 30 seconds and I’ll show you what occupational therapy is like for kids with #Autism 

There’s a surprising number of Autism families who’ve never had experience with occupational therapy. OT is the most amazing thing and makes a huge difference in the lives of our kids.  

I wanted to take a minute and share a super short but informative video of what occupational therapy is like for for Emmett, my youngest. ☺️

As always, please share,

What my son with #Autism did in occupational therapy today (lots of pictures) 

If wanted to take a few minutes before passing out for the night and share some of the pictures I took while the boys were at therapy today. 

Emmett had occupational therapy and Gavin had speech. 

Speech is really uneventful and there’s nothing to really take pictures of but occupational therapy is another thing all together.  ☺ 

There are tons of …

It’s been a really rough day but there was a silver lining 

It’s been a really long day, filled with incessant talk of missions and invisible super best friends. If I hear the power of Gavin compels you one more time, I think I’ll get a hair transplant just so I can rip it out. That’s for another post though. 

The focus of tonight is on something really awesome that happened this …

Today’s Victory: Fantastic News About Emmett

In the spirit of trying to remain focused on the positive, I have some really good news to share this afternoon. 

While at Akron Children’s Hospital this afternoon for Gavin’s Speech Therapy, I inquired about Emmett’s return to Occupational Therapy. The news I received was a really positive boost to my afternoon. 

Emmett’s therapist has returned from maternity leave and today …

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