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Why I’d pull the plug on occupational therapy

The boys had a great day at school. That’s not surprising but it’s always good to hear. In a little while, I’ll be taking Elliott to occupational therapy, although he’s going unwillingly. He doesn’t like the idea of going and then worries about it until it becomes this huge obstacle…. Read more »

I’m so excited for occupational therapy today

It’s been quite a bit of time since his last session, but Elliott returns to occupational therapy Monday afternoon. His last appointment was before we left for Florida and because he’s been sick or the therapist was out, we just haven’t connected. At this point, all signs are go for… Read more »

Pictures from Elliott’s occupational therapy session

I wanted to take a minute and share a few pictures from Elliott’s occupational therapy session today. This was his first time back since being sick and missing the last session. He didn’t go with a great deal of excitement because he wasn’t in a good mood. By the time… Read more »

Elliott’s first day of occupational therapy 

Elliott did awesome at occupational therapy. We’ve never had this particular therapist before but she was awesome as well. Elliott is so timid when it comes to anything that takes his feet off the ground, and she worked with him to get through some of it.  She said that he… Read more »

It’s a big day for Elliott 

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While it true that I’m dreading part of today, there’s also something I’m super excited about. After being off for a couple of years, Elliott is finally making it back to occupational therapy.  Between lack of therapists and waiting lists, it’s been quite awhile since he was last in this… Read more »

From disaster to happy ending

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Elliott had his occupational therapy re-evaluation yesterday. When it was time to go, he freaked out because it cut into his routine. Once I physically got him there, he was okay. For the most part, Elliott did really well. There are a few things he’s struggling with, and they may… Read more »

It’s gonna be a huge day for Elliott

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On Monday, July 17th, Elliott will finally be getting back into occupational therapy. He’s been on the wait list for over a year and was originally scheduled at the beginning of the month but the OT needed to reschedule. I’m not entirely sure who’s more excited, me or Elliott. lol… Read more »

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