The boys transitioned really well when they returned home from visiting their Mom

I had a really hard time sleeping last night and didn’t fall asleep until 4am. Thankfully, the boys adjusted much better during their transition home from their Mom’s and they all slept well. 

That’s a hugely positive thing, especially for Emmett…

Maybe this is a sign of things to come as we move forward because that would be a great thing.  Whenever there’s improvement in the way the boys are handling the difficult changes in their lives, that’s cause for celebration… ☺

The only thing that would have made last night any better would be if I had been able to sleep myself…  😴


I’m seeing a serious problem when Emmett returns from his Mom’s house

I knew last night’s 13 hours of sleep was too good to be without a kick in the gut. At the time of writing, it’s about 2am and Emmett is still wide awake.  I’m so tired and really, really, really want to go to sleep but I can’t…

Emmett’s been doing this on the days he comes home from an overnight stay with his Mom. 

It’s probably just a transition thing but a problem nonetheless.  In fact, the last few times, he’s not actually gone to bed, following his return home.  I think the record for him at this point is over 36 hours without sleep. 

I don’t think and I’m certainly not suggesting that anyone’s to blame for this.  It’s just the way he’s coping with the change but regardless, it’s a pretty major issue because 36 hours is way to much time to go without sleep for me or him.… Read More

Part good and part bad, is how today’s been going

Today’s been a mixed bag of good and bad but nothing we haven’t been able to overcome.

Gavin seems to be feeling better, which is good…  Emmett’s complaining of a tummy ache and grouchy as Hell. In fact, while I was writing this, he had a pretty massive meltdown and  is now spending some time in his room.  He can come out as soon as he feels he’s ready.… Read More

My day started way too early

Emmett had a really hard time sleeping last night but he did eventually fall asleep.  Unfortunately, he didn’t sleep for too long because he was up at an ungodly hour,  ready to start his day.

I’m so tired and wishing I was still asleep..

Despite getting up way too early, everyone’s in a good mood and getting along.  I got everyone their breakfast and morning medications.… Read More

…..and queue the transition difficulties

It will soon be pushing 1am and Mr. Emmett is still wide awake, with no signs of slowing down.

I thought I just might have actually avoided any major transition difficulties associated with the boys coming home from their Mother’s house last night.  Unfortunately, I thought too soon. 

Transitions issues are just an unavoidable thing, especially when their environment changes.

While it has been pretty smooth in regards to no fighting or meltdowns, Emmett not sleeping means I can’t go to sleep and that’s not a good thing. 

Emmett’s not noticeably upset about anything and says that he doesn’t know why he can’t sleep but he’s wanting to stay in his own bed tonight (that’s actually pretty amazing), which means I have to stay awake.  If he was laying next to me, playing his tablet or something, I’d wake up the moment he got up but since he’s in his own bed, dozing off just can’t happen..… Read More

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