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The transition home is proving more difficult

The transition home from Florida is proving to be a but harder than originally thought. The most profoundly impacted is of course, Mr. Emmett. He’s still very easily overwhelmed. Dr. Pattie suggested that it could take awhile before things get back to normal. One of Emmett’s biggest struggles involves sleep. He’s not able to fall …

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The transition home hasn’t gone as expected

The boys seem to be adjusting to being home pretty well. That’s a bit surprising because we thought it would be a rough transition. They’re getting along well and for the most part, are having a low key kind of day. We chose to keep them home from school today because after an eighteen hour …

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The boys transitioned really well when they returned home from visiting their Mom

Guess who didn’t sleep last night after the boys came home from their visitation?

I’m seeing a serious problem when Emmett returns from his Mom’s house

For the past couple of months, I’ve been seeing a rather serious problem with Emmett’s transition home from his overnight stay with his Mom….

Part good and part bad, is how today’s been going

It’s turned into a pretty rough day, with a smidgen of awesome… Here’s the deets……

My day started way too early

While no one’s been fighting, this transition has been a bitch

…..and queue the transition difficulties

So it looks like I am running into some transition issues tonight after all…. Here’s the deal….

The transition from the boys visit with their Mom was hellish

“………Divorce and visitation isn’t easy to begin with but factor in the emotional challenges associated with Autism and you have a recipe for difficult transitions………” Read More