The boys transitioned really well when they returned home from visiting their Mom

I had a really hard time sleeping last night and didn’t fall asleep until 4am. Thankfully, the boys adjusted much better during their …

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I’m seeing a serious problem when Emmett returns from his Mom’s house

I knew last night’s 13 hours of sleep was too good to be without a kick in the gut. At the time of writing, it’s …

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Part good and part bad, is how today’s been going

Today’s been a mixed bag of good and bad but nothing we haven’t been able to overcome.

Gavin seems to be feeling better, which …

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My day started way too early

Emmett had a really hard time sleeping last night but he did eventually fall asleep.  Unfortunately, he didn’t sleep for too long because he …

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…..and queue the transition difficulties

It will soon be pushing 1am and Mr. Emmett is still wide awake, with no signs of slowing down.

I thought I just might have …

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The transition from the boys visit with their Mom was hellish

The boys came home around dinner time tonight.  Everyone was in a good mood for a short time and then things went downhill rapidly. 

When I …

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The kids are in rare form this morning

My main mission today is getting caught up on laundry. The washer has been down for 2 weeks but we fixed it yesterday. 

As for everything else, …

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