…..and queue the transition difficulties

It will soon be pushing 1am and Mr. Emmett is still wide awake, with no signs of slowing down.

I thought I just might have actually avoided any major difficulties associated with the boys coming home from their Mother’s house last night.  Unfortunately, I thought too soon. 

Transitions issues are just an unavoidable thing, especially when their environment changes.

While it has been pretty smooth in regards to no fighting or , Emmett not sleeping means I can’t go to sleep and that’s not a good thing. 

Emmett’s not noticeably upset about anything and says that he doesn’t know why he can’t sleep but he’s wanting to stay in his own bed tonight (that’s actually pretty amazing), which means I have to stay awake.  If he was laying next to me, playing his tablet or something, I’d wake up the moment he got up but since he’s in his own bed, dozing off just can’t happen..

Mind you, this is on 5mg of Melatonin and 25mg of Benadryl.  For the record, his allergist gives him Benedryl for his allergies because it’s what works best for him.  I don’t give him or any of my kids Benadryl to sedate them. 

Anyway, since I’m up, I figured I might as well get caught up on some writing and with any luck, Emmett will pass out before too long… ☺


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  • AlyssacWilliams

    I read with interest that Emmett is on Benadryl. Our daughter has extreme seasonal allergies that began when she was quite young. Our physician /allergist didn’t want her on any Benadryl for two reasons: the way it crosses the blood/brain barrier and half life (not recommended for young kids ) and the risk of paradoxical reaction . ( I have that, can’t take it, no sleepiness at all, in fact, it ruins my sleep so even though it works best for my allergies, I can’t take it and it does the opposite of how it effects most). She was most adamant about our daughter (5-6 at the time) using something else. Since she’s outside many hours a day tennis training , she has found a combo that works: Claritin plus singulars for any asrgna

    From med journal:
    Diphenhydramine is not recommended for children under the age of eight or patients older than 60. Treatment options are second-generation antihistamines: loratadine, desloratadine, fexofenadine, cetirizine, levocetirizine and azelistinev(eye drops). Paradoxical reactions to diphenhydramine have been documented, in particular among children, and it may cause excitation instead of sedation.

    Could Emmett’s sleep,issues be linked to the paradoxical reaction? It might be something to ask about. From what I read back then it’s rare and fine for majority but you never know! ;(

    • That’s really interesting.. I didn’t know that.. Emmett’s doesn’t experience the paradoxical effect but I do know if he’s on Melatonin for too long, it can cause nightmares.. ☺

      Thank You, https://www.theautismdad.com