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It’s too painful to talk about

As time goes by, I’m becoming more and more concerned about Gavin. There isn’t just one thing in particular that’s got my stomach in knots but rather a conglomeration of symptoms that aren’t sitting good with me. He’s losing his already limited problem solving skills. I just watched him struggle to figure out how to …

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Confessions of a frustrated #Autism Dad

This is one of those posts where I’m brutally honest about something that’s going on. Those with experience will be able to relate, and those without have an opportunity to gain some insight into something they might not otherwise have any experience with. The issue tonight is a reoccurring one, but I’ve not spoken about …

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He’s 18 years old on the outside but not on the inside

Gavin’s having a rough time today. He’s eighteen years old now but can’t be treated or managed like a typical, freshly minted adult. Unfortunately, Gavin’s cognitive ability is significantly lower than his chronological age. Until we have his new NeuroPsych testing done this summer, we won’t know exactly how much he’s regressed since the last …

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Here’s an important, decent size Gavin update

I’ve made some pretty significant progress in regards to figuring out all the Gavin related things I set out to find the answer to this afternoon. There are still a few things I’m waiting on return calls for. I’ll start with what I learned today. I was able to speak with the Cleveland Clinic about …

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Bad news

I’ve been continuing to follow up in regards to Gavin’s NeuroPsych testing scheduled for tomorrow. After a few attempts to connect with our case manager, I haven’t heard anything back. As a result, I called the Cleveland Clinic directly, checked on the status and I’m glad I did. Insurance has denied Gavin’s claim three times …

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Insurance won’t pay for Gavin’s testing

We have another issue that I haven’t spoke about yet but as the day is drawing closer, I should bring you up to speed. When Gavin saw his pediatric neurologist st the Cleveland Clinic last month, it was decided that he needed three additional appointments. The first appointment was with the Cole Eye Institute because …

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