Big news and why I'm feeling blessed -

Big news and why I’m feeling blessed

There’s no denying that we are facing many challenges in the Gorski household. We’re facing some heartbreaking physical and emotional health issues as well.

In the last post I shared about how Gavin was regressing and what we were seeing right now that truly broke our hearts. In this line of work, we learn to take the good with the bad. We celebrate the good and dig down deep to keep moving forward with the bad.

I received a piece of amazing news that I haven’t had a chance to share but it’s important that I do because it shows what can happen when you fight for your kids.

A few weeks ago, Gavin was scheduled for NeuroPsych testing at the Cleveland Clinic. This was extremely important because he is continuing to regress cognitively and we need to be able to measure baselines as we move forward.

This is like a 6 or 8 hour test that challenges Gavin in ways that will force his strengths and weaknesses to reveal themselves. That’s the dime store explanation anyway.

Not only does this help us track his regression, but it also helps us identify specific ways we can help him as well.

This test was scheduled but shortly before the test, insurance decided it wasn’t going to pay for it anymore. I still don’t know for sure what happened but I was told it was paperwork related. Either way, they canceled the test at the last minute.

Anyway, we have been blessed with an amazing Case Manager for Gavin’s insurance related needs. She went to bat for us and while it took a couple of weeks, I just recently was notified that the testing is now approved.

I’ll be calling back to reschedule his testing today. I’m hoping that we can get this done before Christmas but just knowing it’s going to happen is a huge relief. ☺

I’m often asked what advice I would have for new Autism or Special Needs parents. There are a few answers I have for that but one of them is to remember that you are your child’s advocate. Never take no for an answer if it’s not in your child’s best interest. Keep fighting and explore every avenue twice before running though it again.

Insurance is a bitch and more often than not, you could find yourself contesting their decisions. Always, always appeal. Find an advocate and let them help you navigate the bureaucracy.

We’ve had to fight for quite a few things for our kids and while we haven’t always won, we’ve won the battles that mattered most.

Never give up and never give in. ☺

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