Here’s what happened at @AkronChildrens today

We ended up not seeing the doctor we thought we were supposed to and while we were initially thrown off at first, we really like the new one.. There was a great deal of information but I'm going to make this as quick and concise as possible. Basically, there are at least a few tests that need to be done but there are some complications. We don't really know anything until this testing gets done. Unfortunately, because of Gavin's immunological problems, specifically the Neutrophilia, there's a significant increase in risk of infection from the procedure and until that's resolved, they won't do it. If he was having life threatening gastro issues, they would do it immediately and regardless of his ANC. She explained that what Gavin's needs is semi-elective at…


You won’t believe what the worst part of the eye appointment was for my son with #Autism 

It's been such a long day and I'm sure you're all surprised to hear that I'm exhausted. I feel like I've been on the go for most of the day and spent all my remaining energy along the way. 😁  For this entry, I'm going to focus on Emmett's eye appointment. The rest can wait until later on.  The long and short of it is, Emmett's appoint went well. Emmett did a great job, especially considering how long we were at Akron Children's Hospital today. Emmett did great with the eye drops that dilated his eyes, and great with all the lights shone in his eyes during the exam.  All the things one would think he would struggle with, he did great.  That being said, there was one area he…


Huge Update: We need to get caught up

Rather than break this into a few different posts, I figured I would write these updates into one post, complete with videos and pictures from the last few days. So much has happened this week and as usual, I've fallen behind a bit. Now it's time that we play catch up...  Let's begin with the boy's return to Occupational and Speech Therapy this week. They've been off for a month or so due to the holidays and sickness. Both Emmett and Gavin were thrilled to get back at it.  Gavin's in Speech while Emmett's in Occupational Therapy. Both of the boys did well and they had a great time.  Check out the video and pictures of the boys in action..  ☺ Next up is family therapy. Dr. Pattie gifted…


The boys finally return to therapy

The boys make their return to therapy for the first time since early December. With the holidays, there were therapists on vacation and offices closed. It's been about a month since they've been to therapy.  Gavin is returning to Speech and Emmett is returning to Occupational therapy.  Both boys are super excited and look forward to returning to Akron Children's Hospital..