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My kids are terrified to live here and it’s getting worse

This morning I noticed some cars sorta casing our neighborhood. This always makes me nervous because there have been so many shootings around here and we were involved in one of them. Upon closer observation, they were unmarked cars but had city plates. I was thinking it was code enforcement… Read more »

I’m really grateful for today

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We had a pretty decent day here in The Autism Dad household. There were some hiccups, but I want to focus on the positive tonight. I was grateful to be able to get my walk in this morning. The park was closed this, but the track was still open. I’m… Read more »

Is this an adverse reaction to his antidepressant?

Emmett’s been on Prozac for about a week or so now, and I noticed something today that I’m a bit concerned about. Frankly, I’m not sure why I didn’t connect the dots sooner. Anyway, I’ve been noticing a significant increase in Emmett’s energy levels. At first, I thought we might… Read more »

What is it about Monday’s

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What is it about Monday’s? They always seem to be awful, and I find myself hating them on a fairly frequent basis. I kept waking up all throughout the night because of a blinding headache. I sort of remember waking up in pain, before trying to go back to sleep…. Read more »

Holy Sh!t, this doesn’t happen very often

Lizze is not having a good day. Frankly, she’s not had a really good day in a while. She’s back in bed, and thankfully, the boys are playing nicely together. All three of the kids playing nicely together, doesn’t happen very often at all. That in and of itself feels… Read more »

I don’t know how people worse off deal with it

I’ve not talked about this, but lately, I’ve been struggling with restless leg at night. It’s mostly my left leg, and if you’ve never experienced restless leg, it’s indescribable. For me, at least, it doesn’t hurt, but it gets to the point where I want to cut my leg off…. Read more »

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