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What happens today doesn’t represent the rest of your journey

Its been a minute cause I’m currently remodeling the space I use for these videos. I’ve been reading the personal stories of people in the Autism Parenting support group I built in reddit. I wanted to hop on here share some thoughts about the autism parenting journey, feeling overwhelmed, and even desperate along the way. …

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Why is my #autistic toddler becoming more aggressive?

Because you asked: “Why is my autistic toddler becoming more aggressive?” You’re mileage may vary on this one but thisade me think of my experience with my youngest and I hope this can help someone out there. Like and follow for more 👍 Transcribed for accessibility ☺️ ♥️ “Okay. So I’ve got this question on …

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Let’s talk about accountability

Let’s talk about accountability as it relates to our autistic kids. Here’s an example of when I hold my kids accountable. Hope this helps. Like and follow for more  Transcription can be found below for accessibility. ☺ ♥ Accountability “Okay. So you guys have been asking me a lot of questions lately about, um, …

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Time management as it relates to #autism #parenting

Because you asked: “Can you please talk about time management?” I have an autism parenting support forum on Reddit with over 8,300 families. One of the Dad’s asked me to talk about time manage t as it relates to being an autism parent. Here’s the link to join the group of you’d like to: …

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You asked: “Should I feel guilty for needing a break from my #autistic kid?”

This was such a good question and I wholey appreciate the level of honesty and vulnerability required to ask it. Here’s my response and I hope it helps. ☺

You don’t know what it’s like

I pulled this request from one of my autism parenting support groups a few days ago. I’m just getting around to sharing it here, it’s been on Facebook for a couple of days. Here’s the actual topic request: This mom basically asked me to explain why even the simple things in life aren’t so simple …

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A few reasons why your #autistic child may be having #meltdowns after school?

A mom from one of my autism parenting support groups asked why her autistic son has meltdowns after school. This was a really good question and I wanted to share my answer here. If you’re following me on IG, you may have already seen this. There could be a million reasons but I wanted to …

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Because You Asked: Why I vaccinated my kids

First of all, I fully realize this is a touchy subject. At the same time, I’m constantly being asked for my opinion on this subject, and I thought as the Lost and Tired story continues under a new name, I would address this issue and when someone asks, I can point them here. I very …

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