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It’s a big day for my kids

The boys are leaving to spend a couple days with their mom. It’s been a couple months since they’ve been able to have actual, physical contact, due to COVID. In fact, they’ve only been able to visit two times since the March 5th, this being the third. It’s been hard on everyone but Lizze and …

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We had to break quarantine for the first time in 173 days

I’m absolutely exhausted but I wanted to share a quick update and then go into more detail later on if need be. We wore our KN95 masks and broke quarantine today for the first time in 173 days. That means we came into direct, sustained contact with other people for the first time since this …

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What do I mean when I say we’re on lockdown?

I wanted to clarify something. When I say that we’re on lockdown, I’m referring to the fact that 99.95% of the time we’re at home. We have zero contact with other people. The boys have seen their mom twice because everyone needs to quarantine for 14 days prior to the kids going over. It’s not …

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If my sensory sensitive kids with #Autism can wear a mask, WTF is your excuse?

I know I’m not writing nearly as often as I normally do and the truth is, depression is really kicking my ass. I’m still functional but definitely struggling. As of today, we’ve been on lockdown for 98 straight days. As you can probably imagine, it’s running a bit long in the tooth at this point. …

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