Made a trip to Akron Children’s Hospital today

Haven't done one of these is forever. Elliott and Emmett both had well checks today at Akron Children's Hospital. This was basically playing a bit of catchup as a result of COVID. Elliott needed a physical for school this year and Emmett just needed a physical because it was time for him to have a physical. They did great and both boys needed vaccines. Emmett needed both HPV and flu, while Elliott just needed his flu shot. Emmett claimed that the HPV shot hurts worse than the flu shot. This was his second HPV dose, so he has experienced it before. I was calling bullshit on that claim so we put it to the test. The nurse didn't tell him which shot was which and Emmett was supposed to tell…


Round 3 of blood work for Gavin

It's been a long day but a pretty good one. I didn't write yesterday cause I was not really in a place where I felt like writing. I spent the time connecting with other parents instead and that was really cool. Yesterday, I had to take Gavin for another round of blood work, this time focusing on his liver. I hate doing this because it puts us in contact with other people but it was a necessary evil. Gavin's levels have been off and we have to keep following up until we figure it out. I needed to get this done ASAP because the car goes into the bodyshop this weekend and I'll be car-less for a few weeks. Gavin has an appointment with gastro coming up and we need…

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We had to break quarantine for the first time in 173 days

I'm absolutely exhausted but I wanted to share a quick update and then go into more detail later on if need be. We wore our KN95 masks and broke quarantine today for the first time in 173 days. That means we came into direct, sustained contact with other people for the first time since this all began. The reason for this was vaccines. Elliott and Emmett each needed a vaccine. Elliott needed his MMR booster and Emmett started his HPV. Elliott had his MMR delayed for health reasons when he was little and he needed to get caught up. Gavin needed labwork and all four of us needed flu shots. We visited Akron Children's Hospital for the boys vaccines and Rite Aid for our flu shots. I wanted to make…


Elliott was seen by @akronchildrens hospital today

It's been a long day and I'm definitely tired, but I'll begin at well, the beginning. Elliott and Emmett were both home from school today. Elliott has been sick since Thursday night and Emmett's been sick since Saturday. Gavin is currently doing great but I think I'm getting sick as well. I've started with a cough today and I'm feeling rundown. No, I didn't buy masks. This was given to him because of his cough. There was some minor concern because we traveled and spent time in places where COVID19 has been confirmed. Exactly 2 weeks after we arrived home, Elliott spiked a fever. I called Akron Children's Hospital this morning because he had a well check scheduled for today. They decided to change the appointment to a sick appointment…


I got the kids into the pediatrician last night

The boys were at the doctor's last night and the verdict is in, they're absolutely sick. Emmett has a respiratory infection but no signs of strep throat. He's dealing with a virus and can return to school on Thursday, assuming he doesn't get worse. Elliott has a combo sinus infection and respiratory infection, with some asthma related complications. Because he's not made any improvement in the last week or so, she changed his meds and he should be able to return to school on Thursday, assuming the new antibiotics work. I'm supposed to have the boys to Akron Children's Behavioral Health today. I asked if I should reschedule it but she said no. There's no reason I can't take them. Everyone is moving slowly this morning but in good spirits.…


How @AkronChildrens helped me protect my youngest son today

For the most part, our morning has gone on without too many issues, and any issues that we did have were quickly overcome. That's a pretty good feeling. I dropped Elliott off at school before taking Emmett to get some shots and Gavin to flget his blood work. We headed to Akron Children's Hospital new North Canton office for a nurse only appointment. He was incredibly brave, especially for an anxious kid who's constantly worrying about everything. He did awesomely and I couldn't possibly be any prouder. ☺ ♥ Today he received his Meningitis and Tetanus vaccines. That amounted to one in each arm and he didn't feel either of them. Our nurse at Akron Children's Hospital was fantastic and helped Emmett feel comfortable. The process was quick and painless.…


We take #vaccines VERY seriously but had to play catch-up today with our youngest and here’s why

I'm going to focus on the positive tonight. There was plenty of things that didn't go right, but the ones that did, matter more in this very moment. I mentioned earlier that Emmett had an appointment with his pediatrician today. It was a combination med check; well check and physical. We needed to touch base in regards to his ADHD and Depression medications before his care transfers to the behavioral health clinic at the main Akron Children's Hospital campus. He also needed his 11-year check-up and physical. Part of that included discussing vaccines. Emmett is the only one of our three kids who's technically behind on his vaccines. Emmett has a rare fever disorder and has had it since he was about a year old. His symptoms have evolved over…


Emmett and I are flying solo this afternoon

We're heading out in a few minutes because Emmett has an appointment with his pediatrician. It's the last med check before his behavioral health care switches over to the main behavioral health center at Akron Children's Hospital next month. This is also going to double as a well check. Emmett recently had a birthday and is due for a well check. Emmett and I are flying solo today because Lizze is not feeling well and it's always better to not take all the kids with us. No bog deal. Emmett and I can totally handle this...even if there will be shots, and there might be shots.