A super quick and important update

I'm keeping this short and sweet cause we're getting ready to head out the door again. Both the boys had good days at school. They came home in a good mood and are feeling good about going back tomorrow. ☺ If I could pick only one thing to go right today, this would have been it. I'm so relieved that everything went well.. ☺ Many of you will recognize the significance of surviving a significant change to your ASD kid's routine. It's even more amazing when they not only survive it but totally own it. I'm proud of my little minions.... ☺


I’m clinging to the last bit of sanity I have

The morning has been unbelievably stressful but we've been hitting the targets so far. Emmett and Elliott are at school but that didn't come easy. I had to walk Emmett into the school and briefly meet with his teachers in regards to his makeup work because that's the only way he would be comfortable enough to stay. Unfortunately, that set us back a little bit in regards to time but it was totally worth it because he felt better. I haven't even had a chance to eat breakfast because I had to pick up Lizze and Gavin from home, drop Lizze off at her appointment and take Gavin for his bloodwork. I did take advantage of being in a huge parking lot and went for a brief walk while I…


I’m really going to have to buckle down today

We've got a busy day tonight and our success depends on whether or not Emmett makes it to school. It's more important that we get out the door on time because we have to have Gavin's bloodwork done and get Lizze to a doctors appointment before 9 AM. I try to be positive but I have a bad feeling about how things are going to go with Emmett in the morning. After all of the morning chaos, I have to get Gavin to Social Security for his review. I'm hoping beyond hope that they don't want to have me discuss Gavin's status in front of him. I like to include Gavin in his own care when it's appropriate but talking about all the problems he's having isn't something I want…


#Autism can be so goddamn frustrating at times

I've spent the weekend working with Emmett on his make up work from school. While we were working through this pile of papers, I noticed a couple of things. I should begin by saying that we never made it through all the makeup work because of frustration and massive meltdowns. When Emmett works on things like math or sciences, he does quite well. When we works on anything that requires him to use something other than logic, he struggles. I learned something during this nightmarish battle over homework. Emmett excels in things that deal with facts and absolutes. Math, science and even spelling are all very ridged in the sense that there is a clear right and wrong. There's one right way to spell his spelling words and only one…

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Prepaing the new school week

The boys had a pretty decent day. Gavin spent most of his time in his bedroom, most likely because he was on a mission to save the Universe from pending fake. Elliott and Emmett got along pretty well for most of the day. Emmett worked on some of his homework but towards the end of his time working on it, he became very stressed out and ended up having a decent size meltdown. Lizze is still under the weather but she's moving around a bit more. We have zero plans for tomorrow, aside from laundry and getting lunch supplies for the new school week. We're going to have to work with Emmett a bit because he will be returning to school Monday and he's going to be very nervous. I'm…


Things went horribly wrong this morning

I'm going to keep this super short because I'm exhausted. Emmett woke up and wasn't doing well. We tried for over an hour to help him feel better and nothing worked. He became hysterical as we tried to help him decide what pants he could tolerate. He has a new sore on his upper lip and that has him teetering on the edge to begin with. We know he tried and there wasn't anything that we could do. Our hope is that by Monday he'll be feeling better. For the moment, this has been an unbelievably exhausting morning.


I’m praying there will be 2 kids in the car this morning

We're hoping beyond hope that Emmett will feel up to going to school tomorrow. He's been slowly doing better as the days go on but mornings are still really tough for him. Getting ready for school is often stressful for him and that will make him more sensitive to the pain. I'm not sure we will be able help him through the morning enough to get him to school. My goal is to not rush him to get ready. I want to try to keep him as calm and stress free as possible because it will get out of control quickly if I don't. Lizze and I will likely have to tag team him but with any luck, I'll be dropping two kids off at school in the AM... ☺


How we’re going to address the problems at school

Lizze and I were discussing the school issues that have become an unwelcome visitors in our lives. It's pretty obvious to us that there are no good options because we'd likely be trading one problem for another. What we've decided to do at this point is preserve the current status quo. That being said, we will be working to address the concerns we have by pushing for the school to be open to parental involvement. Currently, there's no PTA and no forum for parents to voice their concerns or have their voices heard. This isn't how it used to be. Before the PTA disappeared, Lizze and I were heavily involved. In fact, Lizze was the PTA President. I think one of the biggest issues revolves around the fact that there…