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Review: The NEW Link View Smart Display by @JBLaudio takes Google Home to the next level

Straightforward and intuitive, the Link View is something that can benefit any family. The benefits are numerous and range from filling a room with music to helping kids with their homework.

Self-care isn’t always easy but it’s absolutely possible and here are some ideas

I’m super proud of myself because after today’s walk, I have already hit 40 miles for the month. In other words, over the last 16 days, I have walked 40 miles on the track. That doesn’t including walking in general. That’s specifically from me driving to the park, starting my Galaxy Watch and stopping it …

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Review: 30 Days with the @Healbe GoBe2 Health/Fitness Tracker

Last month I was given an opportunity to test and review the Healbe GoBe2. It’s an interesting take on a fitness/health/activity tracker and I’ve said this a few times before but I’m a huge fan of tech that helps in this area of one’s life. I’ve used every Fitbit tracker, a few Garmin devices, the …

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Will you accept my #Autism Awareness month challenge?

It’s Autism Awareness month once again. I see the Blue lights going up, the Memes spreading across the Internet but I want to make a suggestion to all of you out there. I believe Autism Awareness month has been around since 1970 and it seems that each year we pretty much do the same things. …

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How to Look After Yourself When Your Kids Need So Much From You

This is a collaborative post and may not reflect the views and opinions of this blog or its author. Image Credit: Stock Vault Parenting is always going to be a challenge, but when your kids are so dependent on you for support, it can be difficult to take care of yourself as well. Part of …

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Autism Parents – You MUST be selfish

We all want to give our kids the best, why not start with giving them the best of ourselves.