#Autism families are sharing about how @VivintGivesBack has improved their lives and given them peace of mind -

#Autism families are sharing about how @VivintGivesBack has improved their lives and given them peace of mind

For a while now, I’ve been talking about how I use the home automation/security system I received from the Vivint Gives Back Project to keep my kids with Autism safer.

You can read all about my experiences by clicking here.

I thought it might be beneficial for you to see what other families are saying about their experience with the Vivint Gives Back Project.

As a reminder, the Vivint Gives Back Project is devoted to providing Special Needs families with peace of mind. They do this by donating home security and automation equipment that helps parents both monitor and provide a safer environment for their Special Needs Kids.

Monthly service rates are based on income and range from $15 – $40/month. You can apply for a system of your own,  you clicking here.

Please see what families are saying about their experience with the Vivint Gives Back Project..

“Thank you, Vivint Gives Back for taking such incredible care of me and my family. Our system was installed Thursday and I’m not sure why I waited for so long. Thank you for taking your time to talk with me; your kindness and patience was much appreciated. I can sleep a bit more soundly tonight because of you!” – Rita M.

“I love that I can be in the basement working on laundry and still keep an eye on my child with Angelman Syndrome with Vivint’s camera. Thank you so much!” – Kerri M.

“We just got our system today! Totally thrilled with the customer service and the great, knowledgeable technicians! The app on my phone to control my system in super awesome. Love Vivint and what they do for our families to feel secure! Thank you SO much!” – Stephanie H.

“We have had our system for just under a week and love it! Thank you, Vivint and Kevin Meacham for making this happen for our family!” – Kimberly L.

“Just spoke with Kevin Meacham and we’ll be getting our Vivint system installed on Saturday! So excited and extremely grateful for Vivint! Every one of us should be using this amazing company! Thank you again!” – Nicole H.

“Thank you, Vivint! My son decided he wanted to leave today…Caught him on the front step before he could escape!” – Jenn K.

“Knowing that my door will now lock automatically eliminates all my worries of having a family member forgetting to lock the door and then hearing my child has wandered outside unattended. I can now sleep more soundly at night.” – Jim K.

“I now know exactly what door or window is being opened and can run in the right direction before my child escapes.” – Sherie E.

“I have my motion detectors set up to text me an alert if triggered when my little escape artist tries to leave the house in the middle of the night. It’s been a complete life saver!” – Lisa W.

“Having complete control of this system is a huge weight off my shoulders. Knowing exactly where my son is at and that is he safe provides me the strongest peace of mind I haven’t had in years.” – Stephanie G.

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