10 Things That Special Needs Parents Wished You Knew

“10 Things That Special Needs Parents Wished You Knew”


This post is dedicated to all the special needs parents of the world. We live a very challenging life and it’s very difficult to help the world comprehend what we experience. My hope is that this will provide some insight.

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1.) I’m not lazy. I’m just completely exhausted from years of sleep deprivation because when my child doesn’t sleep, I don’t sleep and they don’t sleep.

2.) I know my house is a mess, I don’t need to be reminded. It’s because I spend every single minute of every single day trying to help my child make it through the day.

3.) I would really like to accept your invitation to go out but finding a sitter for a special needs child is very difficult, if not impossible.

4.) My child is not a brat and I am not a bad parent. It’s called a meltdown and it’s not a disciplinary issue.

5.) If I wanted your advice, I would have asked for it.

6.) No. My life doesn’t suck because I have a special needs child. Yes, it’s challenging but also richly rewarding in ways that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

7.) I will rarely ask for help but that doesn’t mean I don’t need it.

8.) Yes, my life is challenging but I can still be a good friend and I’m worth getting to know.

9.) Telling me that my child just needs to be spanked is a really good way to make me angry and you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…Grrrr

10.) When my child is having a meltdown in public, you can help by keeping your rude comments to yourself and instead showing me your understanding smile.

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Anthony Turtle

If it’s only auto-correct that hates you, then you’re doing well!

In our family it is my wife and I look after our 9 year old granddaughter to give mum and dad a break, and many are the times the reply “but you don’t look stupid” or similar has come out of my mouth. The best was one day littl’un had run off down the road and I shouted “Come back!” and she just stopped, number 9 came from a lady, and the reply stumped her. A friend from church told me the lady had just stood staring at us for five minutes just opening and closing her mouth!

Keep up the good work, I support you in spirit, if not in person.

Rob Gorski

Thanks. Hang in there youreself.