I THINK I DODGED A BULLET: The strangest thing happened this morning

While getting ready for school this morning, Elliott stumbled across this Captain America costume from trick or treat last year.

He insisted on wearing it to school. 

Not one to discourage my kids from being themselves, but at the same time, I recognized the train wreck that would likely occur as a result of me allowing him to do this.

I explained that if he wore the costume to school, it might be a distraction to the other kids in his class. 

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Eventually, I convinced him to go with just the mask but that was after failing to convince him not to do that as well.  lol

As we arrived at the school this morning, he opted not to wear it in but rather show it to everyone instead. 

I would have supported him wearing it to the store or out in public but school would have been a problem I think. 

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  1. Kim Gebhardt

    I understand wanting to encourage kids to be who they are and not break their spirits, but what would have happened if you had just said “No, you are not allowed to wear that to school.”? In all of your writing you mention a lot of (sometimes attempted) negotiations, but I rarely see you mention that you’ve simply told them “No”. Is there a reason why?

    1. I tell them no all the time. Those things just aren’t always relevant for posting because they would be pretty uneventful.

      Sometimes I will attempt to reason with them because life is much easier when they understand where I’m coming from because that can and will lead help to avoid meltdowns.

      That said, I have very few quams about telling them no.

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