Emmett's starting a social group tomorrow  -

Emmett’s starting a social group tomorrow 

Akron Children’s Hospital is starting a new program and asked if Emmett could join.  It takes place within the physical location as OT, PT and Speech but is focusing instead on social skills.  

Emmett will be in a group of peers, likely to be in various places on the Autism Spectrum. 

My understanding is that they will be practicing with zones or emotional states and how to help maintain or return to the green zone. 

I’ll find out more about this tomorrow when he goes, so I’m speculating at this point. 

Regardless, this will give him a chance to interact and practice his social skills with kids his own age, many of which face similar challenges as he does.  

I’m really excited for him to be a part of this and I’d love to get Elliott involved in this as well when they do one for his age group.  

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