Please God, help Emmett survive the day

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I didn’t sleep worth a damn last night. I managed to fall asleep shortly before the alarm went off. Lizze sent me back to bed because she’s amazing.

Next thing I know, I’m being drafted into a massive battle with Emmett, who’s refusing to go to school again.

This was the worst morning he’s had in a very long time. It was his crocs that were the problem today. He simply couldn’t get comfortable and longer this went on, the worse it got.

Between several calls to the school and the principal getting on the phone to try and talk Emmett through this, we finally got him in the car. Unfortunately, by that time, we were almost an hour late.

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I’m more exhausted now than I was before, only I can’t just go back to bed because I’m too stressed out.

Please God, let Emmett have a better day today.