It's an unusual Tuesday for us  -

It’s an unusual Tuesday for us 

The city came at the butt-crack of dawn and began the process of cleaning up the tree that fell during last week’s freak storm. 

It was pretty loud but it was also totally worth it because that meant I didn’t need to worry about it myself.  

The boys and I have to take Lizze to an appointment at noon but it should be a quick one. 

There’s no therapy at Akron Children’s Hospital because the therapist is on vacation but we do have Dr. Pattie late this afternoon.  

My main goal for today is to tackle as much laundry as humanly possible. Before Lizze moved back, I was buried in laundry. It wasn’t necessarily dirty laundry but rather clean laundry that need folded, sorted and put away. 

Now that I have help again, it should be something that can be tackled in a reasonable amount of time. 

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