Gavin’s in the emergency room please keep him in your prayers 

Gavin’s in the emergency room please keep him in your prayers 

We’re waiting to go back, but I wanted to take a minute and ask that you keep Gavin in your thoughts and prayers.  

Currently were at the emergency room because Gavin has been experiencing something going today that could end up being very serious, especially with a compromised immune system.  

Essentially, Gavin’s been peeing blood today, and we aren’t sure why. Gavin’s story has been shifting today, and so we aren’t entirely sure what’s going on. 

At first, we thought he was popping blood and so we called his doctors to find out what to do. Then later on in the morning, Gavin informed us that he hadn’t pooped today at all and that he was peeing blood. 

He didn’t think it was important enough to tell us and so we never saw anything, but from what he describes, it’s pretty bad.  

At this point, I’m personally frazzled because he’s so cognitively impaired that we can’t get reliable information from him, meaning we have to react as though this is serious because it could very well be. What I did manage to see a little while ago was concerning. 

Gavin’s feeling fine, so at least there’s that. I’m writing because it’s helping me to stay focused instead of worrying about everything this could mean for a kid with all Gavin’s health problems. 

If you could please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, Lizze and I would appreciate it. 

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