I took the boys to T-Mobile today and this happened

I had to venture out to T-Mobile this morning, in order to pick up my replacement phone.  Rather than ship them directly to the customer, they ship them to the store and all you have to do is walk in, show ID and swap your defective device for a new one.  

The boys have been in a less than cooperative state of being since they woke up at 4am. 

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I explained that I really needed them to behave as best they could while we were in the store. 

Thankfully, the swap out didn’t take too long and the boys actually did really well.  I’m so proud of them and grateful for how well they did and how much effort they put into behaving for me.  

Being able to head out and do something like this at the last minute, isn’t always this easy but the boys definitely made it look like it was today.  ☺

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