Thanks NaturalRays for the incredibly useful Ultra-Portable Outdoor Waterproof Boombox Speaker

Thanks NaturalRays for the incredibly useful Ultra-Portable Outdoor Waterproof Boombox Speaker

I want to give a shout out to NaturalRays and quick review of the NaturalRays Ultra-Portable Outdoor Waterproof Boombox Speaker… This is a little late but I wanted to get this out there because I have used the crap out of this super tiny bluetooth speaker and love it. 

This thing is about the size of a golf ball and is covered in silicone, in my case blue.  It will connect to your bluetooth phone or tablet, as well as music stored on MicroSD (via the built in card reader.

The speaker is designed to hang from a shower head, as it’s waterproof but I’ve found the best use is hanging from my rearview mirror in the car.  We can stream music from our phones or tablets with ease.

The speaker itself works really well and frankly, that surprised me because of how small and inexpensive it is.  This little sound powerhouse will set you back less than $30 and can be found in at least two different colors on Amazon.  See the link below…

Click HERE to purchase



Here are some of the more detailed specs:

1.Ultra-portable and lightweight:Wireless and ultra-compact design allows you to hang it anywhere or pack it without taking any extra space.Also our speaker is fairly lightweight, only 2.3 ounces each.

2.Waterproof:Water resistant loud speaker for both outdoor and indoor use.Our NaturalRays IPX5 Waterproof ensures the bluetooth speaker can be used in rainy weather, and even take them to shower.

3.Super Long Battery Life:High definition Bluetooth 3.0 audio wireless connectivity with seamless streaming and maximize to 5-6 hours loudest voice of playtime. As With lithium rechargeable battery, the speaker will last 8 hours, so you can enjoy continuous music with durable battery anywhere you go.

4.Universal compatibility:Can easily connected with Android and iPhone tablets, smartphones, iPods, MP3, MP4 and other Bluetooth enabled digital players.

5.Product Warrenty:We ensure our products quality and guarantee an 18 months warranty for prompt exchange or refund.

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