The last three days have been chaotic and stressful -

The last three days have been chaotic and stressful

I having a really hard time getting back I to the swing of things after this weekend. I’m so tired but have to keep moving for now.  

Having put the rebuild the front steps project behind me, I’m really hoping to get back writing on a regular basis because I was majorly gaining ground on this site and that’s something I truly strive for.  

The last three days or so have been pretty chaotic and stressful.  While we’ve gotten a great many things accomplished and visited out of town loved ones, it still took its toll.  

As dumb as it may sound, when I don’t have a chance to write, I have a much more difficult time coping with life. 

There are a bunch of changes to our schedule for this week and I’ll talk about that later on..  ☺ 

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