As an #Autism parent, do you ever just feel like crying? 

I fully realize I’m a grown man but I’m so far over the edge today that I feel like breaking down. 

As a father to three boys with varying special needs, but all with Autism, I’m in over my head on most days. I feel like I’m being crushed under the weight of the load I have to carry. 

The boys have been having a rough day and that means I’m having a rough day as well. 

Elliott has been struggling quite a bit as well, especially in the sleep department. Rather than trying to repeatedly justify our struggle with sleep issues, I going to ask that you simply take me at my word that were doing everything we can to work through these issues.  

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Sleep has been placed on the endangered species list in our house, especially at night. 

Elliott and Emmett are both tired but won’t nap and have been fighting on and off, all day long. Gavin has been talking to me for most of the time he’s been awake today. I’m feeling beaten down, burnt out and completely drained. 

I know this will pass and things will improve again but right now I’m so overwhelmed I feel an overwhelming urge to break down and cry….like I need to Purge my frustrations and anxieties. 



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What do you do when you get a break from your child with #Autism?