I'm not sure what we're dealing with but we survived the day -

I’m not sure what we’re dealing with but we survived the day

I survived the day. That’s something to celebrate because there were times I didn’t think I would. ☺

Emmett seems to be doing better but Elliott went to bed not feeling well. There’s all kinds of shit going around the school, so that may be what’s going on. At this point in time, no one’s puking and that makes me happy. I hate puking and I hate when the kids puke. Puking doesn’t gross me out or anything like that. It’s easy to aspirate when puking and that’s not a good thing. I learned all these things when I was a medic and some are etched into my brain.

I’m not sure what the morning holds but if they aren’t feeling good, I’m not going to push them. There’s too much going around. We certainly don’t want to spread anything around or possibly bring home something worse. If the boys are sick, we want them home resting. The other major concern is that we don’t want anything worse coming home and putting Gavin at risk.

Lizze and I talked about all this before going to bed. It’s better that we have a plan and ensure we’re on the same page going into the morning.

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