Is anyone else nervous about the transition back to school? If so why? 

As the end of summer quickly approaches, I find myself apprehensive about the transition back to school.  I think Elliott will be okay but I’m really afraid of how this is going to go for Emmett.  

All summer, Emmett has not worn anything on his feet but flip flops.  

He will not wear socks period.  Even the ones I’ve had success with in the recent past, no longer feel right on his tiny little, sensitive feet.  

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I have no idea who this is going to work because Emmett hasn’t even worn shoes since the last day of school.  He’s not tolerating those either. I can’t afford to buy him another new pair of shoes, only to have them feel funny after a couple of days.  

This is my single biggest fear in regards to the upcoming school year.  I don’t know if we’ll ever make it out the door in the morning.  

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I can already hear the meltdowns that are likely to occur over having to wear socks and I’m not feeling very optimistic about things.  

Are any of you in a similar boat? What are you doing to address this?